The Silent Country The Silent Country is a vast and beautiful wilderness a place which holds secrets and stories that are rarely spoken TV producer Veronica Anderson travels to the Northern Territory to retrace the j

  • Title: The Silent Country
  • Author: Di Morrissey
  • ISBN: 9781405039390
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Silent Country is a vast and beautiful wilderness, a place which holds secrets and stories that are rarely spoken TV producer, Veronica Anderson, travels to the Northern Territory to retrace the journey of an expedition that had set out fifty years earlier to film the outback, but which mysteriously ended in tragedy.Of the group, led by the eccentric Maxim Topov, fewThe Silent Country is a vast and beautiful wilderness, a place which holds secrets and stories that are rarely spoken TV producer, Veronica Anderson, travels to the Northern Territory to retrace the journey of an expedition that had set out fifty years earlier to film the outback, but which mysteriously ended in tragedy.Of the group, led by the eccentric Maxim Topov, few are still alive and they are reluctant to talk about the intriguing events.It is through the help of local NT Park Ranger, Jamie McIntosh, that Veronica begins to piece together the puzzle and discover the answers.These answers break the silence and change her life.

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    About “Di Morrissey

    1. Di Morrissey says:

      Di Morrissey born 18 March 1948 in Wingham, New South Wales is one of Australia s most popular female novelists She grew up in the remote surrounds of Pittwater, north of Sydney, Australia.Growing up she counted famous Australian actor Chips Rafferty as a close mentor and friend who helped provide for her and her mother after the death of her father as a child, sending them overseas to California to live with family.In her later years, Di went on to become a journalist on London s Fleet Street, and worked for CBS in Honolulu, where she lived with her husband who was in the foreign service, and even had a small role in the series Hawaii Five 0, a guest role in season three, episode seven, 1970 starring as Alicia Anderson.After moving back to Australia, Di published her first book Heart of the Dreaming which instantly became a bestseller Since then Di has published another 17 bestsellers, her latest being The Silent Country.

    2 thoughts on “The Silent Country

    1. The first third of this was a little on the slow side, but after that, it became more interesting. It started out with the main character being a TV producer, Veronica Anderson, in charge of a program called “Our Country” which sounds a little like the ABC’s “Australian Story”, but then, as she is following up a potential story with a couple of the characters, the story changes so that the other characters become the main characters. At first I was more interested in Veronica’s story [...]

    2. I've wanted to read a Di Morrissey book for ages. I really liked it - the connection to the land, contrast between city and outback. She used the characters to voice many aboriginal and environmental issues.

    3. I really wanted to love this book because it was the first by Di Morrissey that I read and she's such a popular Aussie storyteller, but it was kind of a struggle to get through. The story was off-and-on interesting to me and it never seemed realistic or believable. It was fun thinking about what the outback might have been like fifty years ago. The ending was a little too perfect and again, not believable. I tried another of her books but couldn't get into it at all so I don't think I'll be read [...]

    4. The story was a bit hard to get into for the first third of the book but it got me hooked from then on with wanting to know how the expedition turned out and wanting to know the secret that had been hidden for so long. A little predictable in places with the storyline but I enjoyed the description of the outback and bushland that was visited by the characters.

    5. This is my second Di Morrissey. The first was the Valley, which both my mum and I DNF early on. So this the first I finished. I didn't find the story of expedition particularly interesting and I thought the story was too long. I did like the ending and I did like Veronica.

    6. Unbelievable storyline and simplistic writing. There are many other books about Australia that are much better written. Chewing gum for the brain

    7. I like Di Morrissey books. This one was not one of her best but I liked it. The back of the book talked about the expedition ending in tragedy, you don't find out what the tragedy is until about half way through the book.The story follows a dual timeline with flashbacks to the expedition. It brings home how difficult travel through the outback is and how unprepared visitors to the area can be if they are not prepared for the distances.It does wrap up nicely (with the trademark Di Morrissey unexp [...]

    8. The Silent Country is the first ever book I have read by Di Morrissey and I have to admit that it hasn't made me want to rush out and read more of her work.I have just one word that pretty much sums up my entire experience with this book and that word is 'slow'. In my opinion there were way too many slow winded explanations of certain events and the quality of writing was very basic, dry and totally unemotional.As I was reading this book I felt like I was on the long and boring expedition along [...]

    9. I'm reading this book for research purposes. I'd really hoped to be surprised by this book. Afterall Morrissey is one of our more successful authors here in Australia. The overall story isn't too bad, the characters are okay. It is the quality of writing that I'm struggling with. I feel like I'm reading a book that was written for school kids in year 3. To finish or not to finish, I keep hoping that it will improve by the time the characters reach the Northern TerritoryDefinitely the last Di Mor [...]

    10. Normally I feel like I have explored a hidden part of Australia when reading a Di Morrissey book. This particular novel was very slow to evolve and definitely not one of her best efforts. The story seemed somewhat fanciful and lacking the character depth of other novels. For those who have just started reading Di Morrisey don't be disheartened by this one. I would recommend reading Barra Creek, Tears of the Moon or The Kimberley's.

    11. This book was quite a long read and I'm glad I had a break in between because it got me exvited again to read the later half of the book. It definitely follows a story of love, loss, hope and a mixture of other emotions and paints a great scene of the Northern Territory (a place that is on my bucket travel list). What I really liked about this book is the closure in it. The closure of what happened to the film expedition, relationships and jobs. It was a great ending to a great book.

    12. It's **** for the plot and the characters but ** for the actual writing. I looked up the date of publication to see when it was written, as it sounded like it was written 50 years ago - very corny at times with stilted old-fashioned interactions - suited to the flashbacks but not the modern times. Great idea for the plot and how it was woven into the lives of people both now and then. Huge coincidence at the end though - bit hard to swallow.

    13. Took a bit to get used to, with swapping from current time to 50 years earlier, but otherwise I enjoyed it. Good description of NT outback and issues regarding aboriginal culture. A few surprises at the end, but when I finished it I wished it went on longer with the characters lives.

    14. My first Di Morrissey - it was heaven ! I love Australia (being half Australian) and inspired me to read more from her collection. It was so well written I feel like I've seen the movie. Highly recommend.

    15. This story has motivated me to want to travel from Adelaide to Alice Springs and all the way up to Darwin and Arnheim Land.

    16. Outdated and dull. Not the best example of this authors work. Read a more recent piece for a better time!

    17. Another fabulous Di Morrissey book. A modern day journalist traces the story of a 1950s film crew's journey through outback Australia

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