Le carr de la vengeance A Bruges la bijouterie Degroof a t cambriol e Rien n a t vol mais le malfaiteur a fondu tous les bijoux dans un bain d acide Sa signature un nigmatique message en latin L enqu te est confi e au com

  • Title: Le carré de la vengeance
  • Author: Pieter Aspe
  • ISBN: 9782253127031
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Bruges, la bijouterie Degroof a t cambriol e.Rien n a t vol , mais le malfaiteur a fondu tous les bijoux dans un bain d acide Sa signature un nigmatique message en latin L enqu te est confi e au commissaire Van In, un flic but trangl par ses dettes, au sale caract re et l humour caustique Amateur d art, de cigares, de bi res et de jolies femmes, il n a pA Bruges, la bijouterie Degroof a t cambriol e.Rien n a t vol , mais le malfaiteur a fondu tous les bijoux dans un bain d acide Sa signature un nigmatique message en latin L enqu te est confi e au commissaire Van In, un flic but trangl par ses dettes, au sale caract re et l humour caustique Amateur d art, de cigares, de bi res et de jolies femmes, il n a pas son pareil pour d jouer les affaires les plus tordues Avec Versavel, jumeau d Hercule Poirot l homosexualit revendiqu e, et Hannelore Martens, substitut du procureur affriolante et ambitieuse, Van In plonge dans la grande bourgeois brugeoise o il ne fait pas bon d terrer les secrets enfouisPremier volet de la s rie, Le Carr de la vengeance fait de Pieter Aspe le Simenon flamand.

    • Le carré de la vengeance ¦ Pieter Aspe
      297 Pieter Aspe
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    About “Pieter Aspe

    1. Pieter Aspe says:

      Pieter Aspe is het pseudoniem van Pierre Aspeslag Hij studeerde Latijn Wetenschappen aan het Sint Leocollege in Brugge Na zijn humanoria volgde hij gedurende korte tijd de universitaire opleiding sociologie Hierna werkte hij als magazijnier, verkoper, bediende, seizoenagent bij de zeevaartpolitie, fotograaf, studiemeester, handelaar in brocante, handelaar in wijn en conci rge van de Heilig Bloedkapel in Brugge Sinds 1996 is hij voltijds schrijver van misdaadromans.Pieter Aspe in de Nederlandstalige Pieter Aspe is the pseudonym of Pierre Aspeslag He studied Latin Sciences at the Sint Leo College in Bruges.Pieter Aspe is a full time writer since 1996 Aspe writes crime fiction novels with inspector Pieter Van In and D.A Hannelore Martens as principal characters, who become lovers in the first book Het vierkant van de wraak Most of the stories are situated in Bruges, Belgium Next to this series, Aspe also wrote two YA novels, Bloedband and the sequel Luchtpost and two novellas, Grof Wild and De Japanse Tuin.In 2001 Aspe received the Hercule Poirot Price for his novel Zoenoffer.The first ten novels of Aspe were made into a TV series called Aspe by VTM Flemish TV channel This was followed up by a second and third season, but they weren t television adaptations of the books However the storyline of the TV series was further developed under the supervision of Pieter Aspe himself After the first season of the series Aspe, the number of book sales increased significantly He has currently sold over 1.5 million books in Belgium and The Netherlands.His 24th novel Misleid was released in April 2009.Translated from source aspePieter Aspe in the English Pieter Aspe nom de plume de Pierre Aspeslag est un crivain flamand.Pieter Aspe dans la Wikip dia fran aise

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    1. Pieter Aspe is a Flemish writer, whose mystery series featuring Inspector Pieter Van In is popular in Belgium. The Square of Revenge, originally published in 1995, has been translated into English for the first time. Based on this book, many standard elements of mysteries and crime fiction are in evidence in the series -- the seasoned inspector who has a lonely personal life, the beautiful public prosecutor, a political milieu which causes headaches for Van In and his superiors. What Aspe adds, [...]

    2. I have been travelling lately. I have been to the Cajun country in Louisiana, the Highlands in Scotland and now Bruges. Of course, it was all done through books which is what makes them so lovely. I have been fond of Bruges since the wonderful movie, "In Bruges" with Colin Farrell and this book gives me such a powerful sense of place. I love picking up on cultural differences and this book does that especially since it's translated. It was written for locals and not Americans so it gives it the [...]

    3. Originally written in 1995, The Square of Revenge is the first novel featuring the Bruges Assistant Commissioner Pieter Van In. I was especially interested in reading this crime novel because of its location in Belgium. Van In is called to investigate a robbery. The victim, Ludovic Degroof, is a high profile business man with friends in high places. The crime scene is instantly strange.Inspector Van In and the forensic team find that the store hasn't actually been robbed but that the precious je [...]

    4. 3.75 starsAhhh, the joy of finding an entirely new crime fiction series to read is unmistakeable, especially as it's summer. The Square of Revenge, by Pieter Aspe, is the first in a series of novels to feature Inspector Pieter Van In of Bruges and it's the first book of the series to be published in English. The next book, The Midas Murders, is slated (according to ) to be released December of this year in the US -- and I've already preordered it. Considering it's the first in a series, it's pre [...]

    5. The Square of Revenge is the first novel in the Van In mystery series by Belgian author Pieter Aspe. Since I was not familiar with the author, I looked him up to see what other books he had written, there was a long list, most of them not in English. This leads me to believe that he is an established author trying to break into the US market. The premise for the book sounds intriguing. A wealthy jeweler has his store broken into. Instead of stealing anything the burglars dissolve his entire inve [...]

    6. This is book 1 in the Van In series. Pieter Van In is a police commissioner in Bruges, Belgium. I previously read one of the books in this series and enjoyed it enough that I purchased book one in the series. Pieter is divorced and in a personal slump. He is an excellent detective and is assigned a puzzling jewellery case, where the jewelry was destroyed instead of stolen. The title gives the motive. There are ugly family secrets and a surprise ending. There is some romance in this book. The tra [...]

    7. There he is! Pieter Aspe, my most beloved Belgian crime writer, finally made it to the USA. Quirky Pieter Van In, a very smart and keen detective in Bruges, can finally prove his talents as a jewelry store gets a very weird burglar visit. During his investigation, which takes him into every nook and cranny of this beautiful historic town, he has to cooperate with the pretty Hannelore, who is the leading District Attorney in this case. Their blooming romance is a nice complement to this marvelous [...]

    8. First mystery series I have read that is set in Belgium and I believe the first Flemish author as well. I enjoyed the story-line, old family secrets coming back to haunt. but did not like the focus on the looks of the "beautiful district attorney'" and found all the different van's involved in the story a bit hard to keep straight. Did like it enough to read the next installment in the series, called "The Midas Murders."

    9. This is a good mystery, the first in this series, or at least the first translated into English, set in Bruges, Belgium. The author develops an interesting plot, involving a kidnapping, and a ransom that seems centered on making public a wealthy families' darkest secrets.

    10. Ik geef het op na ongeveer een derde van het boek! Ik vind het echt mega saai. Mijn eerste Aspe ik dacht ik begin maar met de eerste. Maar het is zo ouderwets geschreven. Ok het is al meer dan 20 jaar oud maar bovendien ook nogal langdradig niet mijn ding. Het is al maar een redelijk kort boek en toch wordt er over zoveel uitgeweid. Aan de aspe-liefhebbers: zijn de recentere boeken beter om mee te beginnen? Ik wil gerust nog eentje proberen.

    11. As a longtime lover of Eurocrime, I was interested to hear about this newly translated first book in the Assistant Commissioner Pieter Van In series, set in Bruges, Belgium. The plot is certainly out of the ordinary. What appears to be a jewelry store burglary turns out to be something much more bizarre. The jewels haven't been taken; instead, they've been dissolved in an acid bath.It's not hard to figure out that this crime must be personal, some kind of revenge plot against the store's owner, [...]

    12. Having a penchant for European crime I am delighted to bring you a review of Belgian crime author Pieter Aspe, who until recently despite his prolific output, I was entirely unfamiliar with. Marrying the essential ingredients of any good Euro crime thriller, and in particular injecting the overall darkness of this tale with a light humorous touch, this author will now be a regular addition to my reading list.Focusing on the character of Commissioner Pieter Van In of the Bruges police, what begin [...]

    13. Putting down this book was difficult, but it wasn't for the reasons that most reviewers give when it comes to mystery novels. The plot was okay, but I really, really struggled to make myself read. I wasn't at all fond of the writing style and trudged through at a pace that was something between "hurry up and get this over with" and "well, I at least want to find out who's guilty." By the end of the book I was feeling much better, because it was only at the very end that I realized any of the sto [...]

    14. This was fun! I liked Pieter Van In and Hannelore Martens. They end up making a good team. Van In has that certain cynicism that goes with having done the same job all too long. Hannelore is new to her job and attacks it with gusto. Together they end up goading each other into solving this mystery.This is the English-language debut by European crime sensation Pieter Aspe! Very enjoyable and I am looking forward to more from this series.Thanks to Open Road Integrated Media, via Netgalley, for all [...]

    15. Some people don't like reading translations, but often I find them interesting's an intriguing look into a different culture, just to see that the writing "conventions" we set such store by do not necessarily apply everywhere.This was a quite decent mystery and although some of the characters acted strangely by our standards, I don't think that means it was poorly-written in its native tongue, or poorly-translated, either. It's just different. I did enjoy it and the narration was very well done. [...]

    16. Dałbym pięć gwiazdek, gdyby nie przesadzona intryga. Co prawda nie tak bardzo jak w "Pentagramie" Nesbo, jednak widać, że historia została wymyślona przez literata.Ale za to jakie fajne postacie. Naprawdę dawno nie czułem tak wielkiej sympatii do bohaterów (mimo ich wad).Aha, to nie jest kryminał skandynawski, tylko flamandzki. Ale i tak jest fantastycznie.

    17. Okay, full disclosure, I read the English translation! BUT it was a good read, and I doubly enjoyed it because the wonderful city of Bruges is prominently featured. Hope they translate more of his books into English - not convinced of my ability to learn Flemish.

    18. I read the new Afrikaans translation. Can't wait for the next one. I enjoyed the ending allot. A good read for crime/mystery lovers.

    19. Une intrigue qui met du temps à démarrer et un récit un peu alambiqué. J'ai parfois eu l'impression que Pieter Aspe ajoutait des détours pour rallonger un récit qu'il savait un peu simple. J'ai donc moyennement aime l'intrigue.En revanche, c'est bien écrit, le style est sympathique et il y a beaucoup d'humour dans son personnage de Van In.Je tenterai sans doute de lire un volume plus récent puisque Le carré de la vengeance etait son premier roman.

    20. Une belle découverte que cette série!Le duo formé par Van In (bourru mais attachant) et Hannelore (atypique pour une substitut) est intéressant et une grande complicité s'installe rapidement entre les deux personnages. J'aime beaucoup de duo. Une série que je vais probablement ajouter à ma liste TBR.

    21. Al comparire del quadrato magico e dei templari ho pensato: ammazzacheppalle!Per fortuna è solo un pretesto, Aspe deve averne piene le tasche anche lui e il libro scorre via che è una bellezza. Sornione, divertito e divertente, proprio quello che ci voleva.In attesa delle prossime traduzioni bisognerà fare scorta di Duvel.

    22. Una lettura indubbiamente distensiva, ma il libro fa acqua da tutte le parti: personaggi poco definiti, trama farraginosa, ambientazione inesistente. La storia si svolge in Belgio, nei dintorni di Bruges, ma le descrizioni della città sono decisamente insipide.

    23. Een zeer goed boek, ook voor de mensen die niet graag lezen. Leest vlot, heeft spannende momenten met een verrassende wending op het einde. Zeker een aanrader voor iedereen.

    24. J'ai été très contente de découvrir ce polar. Il tombait à point dans une période de désert littéraire (en gros, j'étais un peu en "panne", les yeux en grève ;-) ).Pieter Aspe est un écrivain bien de chez moi (quoiqu'on en pense, la Belgique ne fait encore qu'une, et Bruges fait toujours partie de ma patrie!!).Ce tome ouvre le cycle des enquêtes du commissaire PieterVan In. Jeune quarantenaire (fin trentenaire?) divorcé, accro à la clope, amateur de Duvel et de bonne bouffe est un [...]

    25. Nom d’un nom d’un nom! A Belgian detective with no moustache?When Commissioner Pieter Van In of the Bruges police is called in to a robbery in a jewellery store, he is stunned by three things. One - the burglars haven’t stolen anything; instead they have dissolved the jewellery in a vat of aqua regis and left behind a note with a mysterious Latin inscription. Two - the victim, the head of the wealthy Degroof family, wants the investigation kept hush-hush. And three - the new Deputy Public [...]

    26. Eager as I am to find easier reads in Dutch, this one was simply too annoying to finish. I'm not into the pictures-in-reviews trend, but all I could think of when reading this was that the protagonist isAlthough this book was published in 1995 (!), it is jam-packed with the blatant, unfunny sexism of the 1960s. Imagine the kind of thing that goes on in Mad Men but without the dramatic irony that leads the viewer to naturally sympathize with the women. The main character, Van In, is an unattracti [...]

    27. This book by Pieter Aspe is the first novel in a long-running popular mystery series set in Bruges, Belgium. It was first published in 1995, but was only published in an English language edition this year. The novel opens with the apparent robbery of an upscale jewelry store. Sergeant Guido Versavel and another policeman discover the situation toward the end of their night shift while patrolling the neighborhood. Several persons are called to the scene of the crime.Newly appointed Deputy Public [...]

    28. The Square of Revenge is a very interesting book. It is written by a very famous Belgian writer of crime stories named Pieter Aspe and he does a wonderful job. The story starts with what appears to be a robbery of the Degroof jewelry store. The store's window glass was broken and all the jewelry on display have disappeared. At first it appeared that every single item had been stolen until it was discovered that all the jewelry had been dumped into a tank of aqua regis (nitro-hydrochloric acid). [...]

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