The Sonnets and a Lover s Complaint Part of Penguin s beautiful hardback Clothbound Classics series designed by the award winning Coralie Bickford Smith these delectable and collectible editions are bound in high quality colourful ta

  • Title: The Sonnets and a Lover's Complaint
  • Author: William Shakespeare John Kerrigan
  • ISBN: 9780141192574
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Part of Penguin s beautiful hardback Clothbound Classics series, designed by the award winning Coralie Bickford Smith, these delectable and collectible editions are bound in high quality colourful, tactile cloth with foil stamped into the design.When this volume of Shakespeare s poems first appeared in 1609, he had already written most of the great plays that made him famoPart of Penguin s beautiful hardback Clothbound Classics series, designed by the award winning Coralie Bickford Smith, these delectable and collectible editions are bound in high quality colourful, tactile cloth with foil stamped into the design.When this volume of Shakespeare s poems first appeared in 1609, he had already written most of the great plays that made him famous The 154 sonnets all but two of which are addressed to a beautiful young man or a treacherous dark lady contain some of the most exquisite and haunting poetry ever written, and deal with eternal subjects such as love and infidelity, memory and mortality, and the destruction wreaked by Time Also included is A Lover s Complaint, originally published with the sonnets, in which a young woman is overheard lamenting her betrayal by a heartless seducer.

    • The Sonnets and a Lover's Complaint ¦ William Shakespeare John Kerrigan
      431 William Shakespeare John Kerrigan
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    1. William Shakespeare John Kerrigan says:

      William Shakespeare baptised 26 April 1564 was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world s pre eminent dramatist He is often called England s national poet and the Bard of Avon or simply The Bard His surviving works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems His plays have been translated into every major living language, and are performed often than those of any other playwright.Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford upon Avon Scholars believe that he died on his fifty second birthday, coinciding with St George s Day.At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway, who bore him three children Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith Between 1585 and 1592 he began a successful career in London as an actor, writer, and part owner of the playing company the Lord Chamberlain s Men, later known as the King s Men He appears to have retired to Stratford around 1613, where he died three years later Few records of Shakespeare s private life survive, and there has been considerable speculation about such matters as his sexuality, religious beliefs, and whether the works attributed to him were written by others.Shakespeare produced most of his known work between 1590 and 1613 His early plays were mainly comedies and histories, genres he raised to the peak of sophistication and artistry by the end of the sixteenth century Next he wrote mainly tragedies until about 1608, including Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth, considered some of the finest examples in the English language In his last phase, he wrote tragicomedies, also known as romances, and collaborated with other playwrights Many of his plays were published in editions of varying quality and accuracy during his lifetime, and in 1623, two of his former theatrical colleagues published the First Folio, a collected edition of his dramatic works that included all but two of the plays now recognised as Shakespeare s.Shakespeare was a respected poet and playwright in his own day, but his reputation did not rise to its present heights until the nineteenth century The Romantics, in particular, acclaimed Shakespeare s genius, and the Victorians hero worshipped Shakespeare with a reverence that George Bernard Shaw called bardolatry In the twentieth century, his work was repeatedly adopted and rediscovered by new movements in scholarship and performance His plays remain highly popular today and are consistently performed and reinterpreted in diverse cultural and political contexts throughout the world.According to historians, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets throughout the span of his life Shakespeare s writing average was 1.5 plays a year since he first started writing in 1589 There have been plays and sonnets attributed to Shakespeare that were not authentically written by the great master of language and literature.

    2 thoughts on “The Sonnets and a Lover's Complaint

    1. There is very little we know about William Shakespeare, the son of a glove-maker from Stratford-upon-Avon. Oddly enough, this ordinary middle-class gentleman wrote the most enthralling plays in the past and possibly the future history of literature. Perhaps for this reason, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, one of his rare works of straightforward poetry, have long been considered a key to its author’s biography.Was Shakespeare obsessed with a “Fair Youth”, did he ever feel for a “Dark Lady”? O [...]

    2. Sonnet #29 is a perfect example of why these poems are really not for schoolchildren: "When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes/I all alone beweep my outcast state " Of course a teenager beweeps plenty and likely feels outcast often enough, but there is something very adult about the weary despair in the first two quatrains of this sonnet.I thought they were quite pretty, back when I was a lit major in college. Now I find them entirely devastating, and contemplate which ones I'd read at whos [...]

    3. আহামরি লাগলো না। এ লাভারস কমপ্লেইন্ট ভালোই লাগলো, যদিও এই ছন্দে দীর্ঘক্ষণ একই মন্তব্য পড়তে একটু ক্লান্তি চলে এসেছিলো।সনেটগুলিও কেমন ক্লান্তিকর। অনেকগুলো সনেট পড়তে ভালো লাগলেও কিছুক্ষণ প [...]

    4. I love Shakespeare, especially his sonnets. But between the long-winded and confusing introduction and the printing of the book in general, I did not enjoy this reread as much as I had expected. I prefer Barnes and Noble's clear and to the point printing of the Sonnets. As for the lover's complaint, I guess I'll just find a seperate printing. In regards to the sonnets themselves, I couldn't love them more. As I am not scholar, I dont entirely understand the exact meaning of each and every sonnet [...]

    5. Wow! Honestly, I will never not be in love with Shakespeare. I'd read mostly his plays and less of his poetry, so I decided that it was high time to change that. And was I glad I did. His sonnets are some of the most stunningly beautiful pieces of poetry that I've ever read. I'm not kidding. I want to write some of my own poetry now. I want to study sonnets and read all of his other works of poetry. I want to get married solely to use Sonnet #91 as my wedding vows. If you're new to Shakespeare, [...]

    6. There's nothing new to say about Shakespeare; everything has been said, every word has been analyzed and every possible praise of his works has been written. Shakespeare is certainly established as one of the greatest writers ever known, and one cannot argue with that. His way with words is something entirely unique and utterly genius. And that is was he was - a genius.I loved reading the sonnets as they can only be described as being completely magical. Shakespeare's ability to captivate even t [...]

    7. This book is a perfect example of how I've been using the ratings system. Everyone everywhere is agreed that the Sonnets are some of the best literature ever created. Thus its rating should be off the charts: it should take a small constellation of stars. And yet, the little stars themselves talk about not how intrinsically good the material is, but how much the reader enjoyed it, thus making the rating system subjective rather than objective. This is acceptable, in that it is the job of English [...]

    8. Sonnet 104To me, fair friend, you never can be old,For as you were when first your eye I eyed,Such seems your beauty still. Three winters coldHave from the forests shook three summers' pride, Three beauteous springs to yellow autumn turn'd In process of the seasons have I seen, Three April perfumes in three hot Junes burn'd,Since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green.Ah, yet doth beauty, like a dial-hand,Steal from his figure and no pace perceived;So your sweet hue, which methinks still dot [...]

    9. As I have previously said about love poetry we men need all the help we can when it comes to trying to woo a lady. We are just not good at chat up lines unless it is fully loaded with cheese. Well Penguin Classics to the rescue with this handy book of sonnets. The book contains 154 sonnets and A Lover's Complaint (I am sure we could all come up with a few of those) and an introduction that is a quarter of the book.This is an enjoyable book and a quick dip in to Shakespeare without having to read [...]

    10. Fantastic. This edition has an amazing set of footnotes. These sonnets aren't about lovey-dovey experiences, but as love in the rawest, darkest, fluid nature.

    11. It's Shakespeare: what else is there to say? One judges one's self by Shakespeare, not Shakespeare by one's self.

    12. Beautiful poems with a perfect rhythm to them. One can see how Shakespeare is still relevant and well-loved today.

    13. Shakespeare's sonnets are a must read for everyone regardless of their genre. They are the words that inform so much of western history and modern English.

    14. I had a class on Shakespeare's Sonnets and that is why I started to read them all. I finally finished to read them and I am thrilled I did. This is complex and beautiful poetry, so I am glad that I had the opportunity to sudy some of them at University! I liked some better than others and also I understood some better than others but it is a great experience to read them all.

    15. Imprescindible para amantes de la poesía. LXXXIO vivo para hacerte el epitafioo vives tú y se pudrirá mi carne.Si mueres tu recuerdo estará a salvo;de mí habrán olvidado cada parte.Tendrá tu nombre vida para siemprey a mí no habrá en el mundo quien me llore;la tierra me reserva un hoyo inerte:tú yaces en los ojos de los hombres. Mi verso fiel será tu monumento,lectura de los ojos que aún no existen;y cuando estén, los que hoy suspiran, muertosno faltarán las lenguas que te imiten.T [...]

    16. The trouble with the Sonnet cycle is that it's almost too much of a good thing- none are bad, and individual sonnets sparkle, but taken together, all 150 or so, it's a little cloying. Despite this, the central themes and characters that emerge in the entire cycle, but are invisible in individual excerpts, prove a fascinating diversion. Which character is which? Are they real people or fictions? What do the poems say about love and sexuality in Elizabethan England? Ultimately not much, but Shakes [...]

    17. A Lover's Complaint. As the title suggests, this Shakespeare work is a complaint poem. This type of poem was popular in medieval and Renaissance times. Authors of complaint poems narrated stories of unrequited love, personal difficulties, injustice, poverty, or another social problem. Sometimes they spiced their poems with satire. A complaint poem often appeared at the end of a collection of other poems.

    18. This has been a very pleasurable read, quiet, detained and detailed. There is so much to learn from these poems, I feel I need to read them over and over again. Most of them are not agreeable to a modern mind, but they delve deep into our innermost feelings and desires, and they feel uncomfortable because of that. This happens to be the most personal writing by Shakespeare, and of course he couldn't be nice, easy and commonplace.

    19. Until now I had been only reading Shakespeare's plays and, to be honest, I like the plays better- MUCH better! The poems are amazing and I really enjoyed reading them, especially A Lover's Complaint, but apparently poetry isn't really my thing.I have to say, though, that the introduction to the poems is incredible; very complete, very thorough. Plus it's truly interesting and helpful.

    20. I’ve been reading this slowly for a few months. I just read three or four sonnets at a time and put it down till I felt I was in the mood again.I’m happy to be able to say I read all the sonnets. I’m glad I didn’t read them when I was younger. Some are outstanding, some didn’t click for me. You should read them.

    21. I had the hottest, young teacher from Statford Upon Avon. Needless to say he was obsessed with Shakespeare.We focused on the sonnets. I really liked them and him!A lot of them are total slams to chicks he has been with.

    22. Maybe its just me, but after reading several of the Sonnets I found that these are much harder to understand and dissect than other works of the Bard's. So I will be putting this one down for now and coming back to it later I guess.

    23. I've had this book on my bedside table for a while and is one of my favorite go-to books to read a few sonnets just before bed. It is a beautifully bound book and I hope to keep it on my bedside table for years to come.

    24. Reading Shakespeare's sonnets back to back is not (in my opinion /experience) the best way to consume them.

    25. Bought at the Globe Theatre, London.These poems range from brilliantly stunning to heartwrenching to hilarious to just plain silly.

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