Remy The Brotherhood Files For Deamhan revenge is the best dish of all In s Paris vampires aren t just at the throats of humans Split into two warring factions Dorvo vampires wage war against the Deamhan their paranorma

  • Title: Remy: The Brotherhood Files
  • Author: Isaiyan Morrison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For Deamhan, revenge is the best dish of all In 1840s Paris, vampires aren t just at the throats of humans Split into two warring factions, Dorvo vampires wage war against the Deamhan, their paranormal cousins created by dark magic and who feed on the psychic energy of their human victims In this strange new world, Remy, a bourgeoisie, is sired as a Deamhan by Julian BFor Deamhan, revenge is the best dish of all In 1840s Paris, vampires aren t just at the throats of humans Split into two warring factions, Dorvo vampires wage war against the Deamhan, their paranormal cousins created by dark magic and who feed on the psychic energy of their human victims In this strange new world, Remy, a bourgeoisie, is sired as a Deamhan by Julian But the intoxicating rush of becoming a powerful psychic vampire is soon eclipsed by the presence of Ruby, a beautiful yet elusive Dorvo vampire Betrayed by his own, Ruby feeds his undesirable urge to have his revenge against Julian and the rest of the Deamhan But he doesn t know if he can trust Ruby She may have given him his freedom, but she s still the enemy who has vowed to vanquish the Deamhan, the very same Deamhan that betrayed him Now it s up to Remy to decide who to trust and who to destroy In Remy, The Brotherhood Files, author Isaiyan Morrison presents a paranormal urban fantasy about fractured relationships, mistrust, and forgiveness Here in the City of Love, it s anything but, as Remy s caught between two warring sides who both want him gone Will his desire for revenge cloud his judgment Or will he figure out who he can trust once and for all In this wild journey from the graveyard and through the dark alleys and cobblestoned streets of Paris, Remy is both hunter and prey.

    • Remy: The Brotherhood Files by Isaiyan Morrison
      254 Isaiyan Morrison
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    1. Isaiyan Morrison says:

      A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events.She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved pitt bull.She s the author of The Deamhan Chronicles and the novel, Old Farmer s Road You can find her at Facebook facebook isaiyanmorrisonWebsite isaiyanmorrison Bookbub bookbub profile isaiy

    2 thoughts on “Remy: The Brotherhood Files

    1. He would have died the night the working class rebels attacked his wealthy family, but a stranger with incredible skills fought off his attackers. Julian saved Remy’s life, or did he? When Remy awoke, his woulds were gone and he was “different.” From that day forward, Remy was no longer human, he was Deamhan and a volatile world he never could have imagined had become his world. He would soon learn that even among the immortal, there was hatred and war, and the greatest enemy of the physic [...]

    2. This is Remy's story, as a human he came from a well off family. But his father angered many people which caused those wronged to come and murder his entire family leaving him to die where Julian found him. To save his life, Julian sired Remy but Remy never wanted to play by the rules and angered not only Julian's brother Pruett but their sire Delphine. Over the years, Remy grew to love a Deamhan enemy, a Dorvo vampire named Elizabeth. I met Remy in other books that are more in the present day, [...]

    3. Book Title: Remy: The Brotherhood Files Book Author: Isaiyan MorrisonSource: Received it as a gift.Rating: 3.5 starsThis is an interesting and well written novel about Dorvo vampires and Deamhan, who are in a sense vampires.It’s about a young spoiled young man who gets sired by a Deamhan, a man of class and business. He goes through centuries being naive to the past events that made his sire hate the woman and her kind that he became infatuated with.I would say that the book is mellow until it [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book immensely. A great fantasy about to classes of vampires who have been at war with each other. Remy's family is attacked by the enemy and Remy is left for dead, until Julian comes along and saves him. Or does he??This is a Thrilling, exciting and captivating book. The characters and storyline are easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends.

    5. Stubbornness and selfishness are never traits to trifle with.When siring an immortal one should always consider just what they are bringing to their fold. For the spirit of that individual might just perchance be their demise.

    6. A superb fantasy about vampires, but two different classes. Julian saved Remy or did he the night his wealthy family was attacked Fast paced, intriguing story. Received a free copy and reviewed because the was so intriguing. Love all vampire stories but especially this one.

    7. DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DON'T BLINK!!!A well written, easy to follow, fast paced and thrilling read with twists and turns that keep you captivated from the first page and held prisoner till the very last word. With enemies everywhere and not sure if you have any allies it all comes snowballing and crumbling down around everything you thought you knew. Enthralled and frozen to your seat, and your eyes glued to the pages.With scenes so realistic its impossible to find out whos wrong and where th [...]

    8. Remy is a dark engaging tale filled with action, suspense, love and hate. You follow the story of Remy and his life after he is turned into a Deamhan. The characters are in depth and the world building on point. The Author writes so descriptively you can feel Remy's emotions leap off the page. This is not your typical Vampire story. The Author has created a unique and exciting world in this series. This is Book 2 and can be read as a standalone. I look forward to more from this Author.

    9. I really enjoyed this book. Its dark and not everything or everyone can be trusted. Remy grew up kinda privileged and when Julian finds and turns him things arent roses. He also learns that loving someone can also go wrong. I really cant blame him for wanting revenge on those who did him wrong. Betrayed by the very people who were supposed to have his back. Will he learn to forgive or will he have a different revenge in mind? Very engaging and immensely enjoyable read. I recommend!

    10. Remy is one of those guys that I loved to hate in previous books in this series so it was nice to learn where he came from and maybe get a few reasons for his @$$hole tendencies?!?? His life was pretty crappy when he turned Deamhan! I truly look forward to immersing myself again into this wonderful world of the supernatural.

    11. This is a fantastic tale about Remy and Hiawatha he came to be. Part of the vampire world. The story is dark, edgy, and mesmerizing. The characters are complex and intriguing. I was quickly swept up in this story and didn’t want to put it down. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    12. This was an interesting story. The different types of vampires and their food supply was something I'd never read before. Great book.

    13. What a vivid new world Isaiyan Morrison has brought us into! I like the fact that he takes something that most people are familiar with and twists it into something new and exciting.I found his story telling to be compelling and the plot to be fast paced, it kept me on the edge of my seat.This really is just a great show of how when plot, characters, and imagination all come together perfectly to make a great story.

    14. Mysterious, irresistible Remy. So intriguing, so fascinating. I was waiting for his book and it met all my expectations. You learn about his background, his life, get insight into his decisions and feelings, I fell even more for him reading about his past and the woman who changed his life, especially knowing how it played out in the end, how he lives now. My heart broke for him, I cheered him on, I totally enjoyed his story.

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