Riptide The weirdest part about kissing my best friend is that it isn t weird at all Drew Riordan is excellent at compartmentalization It s the only way he s managed to survive three years at Bellamy universi

  • Title: Riptide
  • Author: Ruthie Luhnow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The weirdest part about kissing my best friend is that it isn t weird at all Drew Riordan is excellent at compartmentalization It s the only way he s managed to survive three years at Bellamy university and on the crew team and how he s made peace with staying in the closet for the foreseeable future But when he and his supposedly straight teammate start hooking up in The weirdest part about kissing my best friend is that it isn t weird at all Drew Riordan is excellent at compartmentalization It s the only way he s managed to survive three years at Bellamy university and on the crew team and how he s made peace with staying in the closet for the foreseeable future But when he and his supposedly straight teammate start hooking up in secret, Drew quickly falls for the vulnerable side of Andy he sees But Andy can get any girl he wants why would he settle for someone as quiet and reserved as Drew I made a mistake I shouldn t have let things get this far Spontaneous and sometimes reckless, Andy Craig has always been a bit of a mess Whether he s starting an essay the morning it s due or finding a girl to take home for the night, he still somehow manages to land on his feet But when a kiss that started as a joke turns into something very real, Andy finds himself getting swept off his feet by Drew, who s stoic, steady, and seems to have no idea what kind of effect he has on Andy It s a huge risk, and I m terrified But you re worth it Their relationship in college failed, both of them too afraid to admit how they really felt But Andy and Drew are given a second chance when they reconnect at a wedding several years later Though they re both ready to be open and honest about their feelings, there s just one problem now they live hundreds of miles apart and lead completely separate lives Drew loves his career, but he s terrified to ask Andy to uproot his entire life to move to be with him Andy would do anything to make things work this time, but he doesn t want to come on too strong Will they be brave enough to ask for what they want before it s too late Riptide is an m m contemporary romance with second chance, out for you, and friends to lovers themes, plenty of heat, and a happy ending.

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    1. Ruthie Luhnow says:

      Ruthie lives in the Pacific Northwest, and while it s not confirmed that Ruthie is Bigfoot, no one has seen ever seen the two of them in the same room.

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    1. Wow!! I really enjoyed this book. It’s the latest book in The Boys of Bellamy series and my favorite by this author. The other books in this series have been pretty hit or miss for me and I was absolutely surprised by this one. It had a different feel to it than the pervious three. We got the college experience in the first half while also getting a maturity and depth as they left college, started adulting and reconnected at a wedding. Side note: I wouldn’t consider this a standalone. It’s [...]

    2. OMG how many times did this book frustrate the Hell out of me! Andy and Drew needed their heads banging together and a crash course of therapy and a public speaking class or two.Both of them are utterly perfect for the other but they have so many personal hang ups and anxieties that you spent the whole of the book just wondering whether they'll ever get their acts together and let the other now how they feel.That I didn't end up throwing my Kindle across the room is testament to the skill of Rut [...]

    3. 4.5 stars* I received an arc copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I am never disappointed with Ruthie Luhnow's writing. This wasn't any different when reading Riptide. The story focuses on 'the Andy's' from Max and Finn's story in Still Water Andy and Drew and how their relationship developed through their final year of college and then later in their lives. I thought that the move from Bellamy as a setting into the future was a part move. After 3 books, Bellamy was becoming to [...]

    4. What did I think? Well I loved it! Absolutely loved it! :) :) Riptide is the 4th book on The Boys of the Bellamy series by Ruthie Luhnow. It's also the book I have been waiting for to read since I read the 1st book. The ending of the 1st book is just so delicious and really made me want to learn more about the Andrews! Don't get me wrong I did love reading about Jamie and Milo but all the time I was also waiting for this book to get written. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed even tough my [...]

    5. An amazing friends to lovers read from Ruthie Luhnow.I haven't read the book involving Matt and Finn but didn't feel like I'd missed out at all, though will be going back to it after enjoying this book so much. Drew and Andy are best friends in their last year at Bellamy University, are on the same rowing team and share some room. Drew is the quiet, studious one, relying on Andy to help him experience life and only out to Andy.Andy is loud, easy going and adventurous, relying on his friendship w [...]

    6. This book is a long, thorough look at the relationship between best friends Drew and Andy. The book starts two years after they graduated from college, giving a little peek at their lives before it goes back to their senior year.Drew is the quiet one. Not emotional and the likely to have a stoic expression and avoiding all emotional connections, except one. His best friend and roommate Andy. Andy is the complete opposite. And for some reason, they mesh. Andy knows that Drew is gay, but he doesn' [...]

    7. Finally, the long-awaited story of the Andrews, Andy and Drew. And it was everything I hoped for. How could it be anything but? Ruthie Luhnow is such a marvelous author, which they confirmed yet again with this amazing story.We know Andy and Drew from the previous books in the Bellamy Boys series, and their love story had to be written. It has been a good decision to leave this story for last as these boys had to take their time finding each other. They are just too troubled and complex to have [...]

    8. 👍👍🔥💜👬Can this thing between Drew and Andy last after college or will their adult cares separate them forever?!January 17, 2018Format: Kindle EditionAnother very emotional and 🔥 hot 👬 romance between college roomies that kept me glued to my Kindle! Drew and Andy both have emotional issues, with Andy a bit hyper, subject to anxiety attacks and constantly affirming that he is straight, although his behavior is contrary to his assertions. Drew comes from a humbler, less prospero [...]

    9. * I received an ARC copy in exchange for a honest review * "I want You to let me love You" Riptide is the 4th book in The boys of Bellamy series but it can be read as a standalone. Finally we have Andrews story (with a happy ending of course).First of all t is HOT, there is A LOT of man on man action. Contrary to what I normally think about roommates experimating and straight guys having any type of sex with his friends just to have fun, Andy and Drew's story was quite believable. Maybe I wanted [...]

    10. Sweet End to Super SeriesFilled with wall-to-wall angst, full of characters who are not sure about anything, especially themselves or commitment, this series wraps up (I think) with a semi-delightful, totally riveting and awfully cute (at times) mindbender. Drew and Andy--or, "The Andrews"--were just straight crew members and roommates in Book 1, at least that what their other roomies thought from freshman to senior year. Then in Book 3 we got in on a secret during a conversation Andy had with h [...]

    11. Andy and Drew were.well.ey were great. Their story starts at the same time as Max and Finn from book 1, so, you see a little bit of their story from the roommates perspectiveBut that does not take away from the fact that Drew and Andy were all kinds of sweet, wrapped up into a nice helping of angst. You have two best friends, who, fall into a pattern of hooking up thinking the other would never want more, the other falling harder than he thought he would. What you have between these two is a hug [...]

    12. Oh my gosh! I am beyond obsessed with this series! I don’t understand how it’s possible, but it really does get better and better! Drew and Andy simply melted my heart. To watch them grow in love from two completely clueless kids to two mostly mature and supportive adults was a true joy. Their journey to love was so honest and true and utterly heartbreaking at times. Through numerous misunderstandings and misconceptions, their love was always there just under the surface growing and blossomi [...]

    13. I didn’t expect to feel so negatively against Andy or Drew as I did at various times during the course of this book. During the first part, I was so very disappointed in Andy and what basically amounted to him using Drew to get off knowing that Drew didn’t have any sexual experience. Then I hated Drew for being so cold and refusing to open up to Andy about his own feelings which led to them both being miserable and alone. Only to once again have it all happen again two years later, with all [...]

    14. I loved this 4th book in The Boys Of Bellamy series! I have never been disappointed with a book by Ruthie Luhnow and Riptide is no exception. It is beautifully written, full of angst and the characters are wonderful. Everything about this book works for me and I could not put it down. I really connected with Andy and Drew with their confusion about their feelings and their inability to communicate with each other. I loved how they tried so hard to do the right thing for each other even if it cau [...]

    15. This is the fourth book in the Boys of Bellamy series, and, although it can perfectly be read as a standalone, it would increment your enjoyment if you read the rest of them, particularly the first one.This is about friendship, about how Andy and Drew become friends during college and later each follows a different path. That is, until the wedding of their friends, when they meet again and discover that both have been harbouring feelings for each other.Self-doubt, and the misunderstandigs fuelle [...]

    16. I liked this quite a bit; it was a good friends to lovers story and I liked that the book was kind of split into two sections, one from back when they were in their last year of college and one for the present, two years after graduation. I liked both Andy and Drew and I liked them together - there was a lot of heart in this story. The only drawbacks, for me, were first that I'm sort of tired of the 'we messed up our relationship because of a complete failure to communicate' plotline although I [...]

    17. Finally, we get to the Andrews story! Since this is the 4th book in the series, we've already met the Andrews and seen glimpses of their lives. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was so ready for this book! Ruthie did not disappoint.You don't need a summary from me, you can read the blurb for that. I will tell you this story is, in turns, funny and touching, sexy hot and sweetly romantic, and bring you to tears, why can't he just say it angsty. And I loved every minute of it! Plus, you ge [...]

    18. Book four in The Boys of Bellamy series. Even though this is part of a series you can read as a stand alone. However, each book gives you more into each character and it is a great series. Drew and Andy are best friends and roommates. Their last year in college they start having feelings for each other but neither one communicates and they so their separate ways. Forward two years after college at their friends wedding and they both realize that they have feelings still for each other. Lack of c [...]

    19. I just love this series - and this instalment, where we finally find out what was going on between the Andrews (Max and Finn’s roommates from the first book), was a delight. My enjoyment was slightly limited by the Prologue, which gives away major spoilers for a significant plot twist / conflict about half way through the book. Why? Why do this? It was at the back of my mind all the time! So, I recommend starting at Chapter 1 and skipping over the huge spoiler at the start (this scene is repea [...]

    20. Drew and Andy have had a long more-than-friends relationship, on and off. They go back and forth, waffling between wanting more but being afraid to ask for it. I was torn between wanting to smack some sense into the both of them and just riding out the long wave of longing and hopelessness to find their way back to each other. It wasn't just a friends to lovers story. It was also a story of self-realization and not being afraid to go after what (or who) you really want in life. I enjoyed it very [...]

    21. Another satisfying visit to Bellamy U. This time we get the story of the Andrews (I love it): Drew and Andy. Riptide is a rather angsty chapter, so if that's your thing, you will be a very happy reader - if not, stick with it! The happy ending is worth it. Andy is one of my favorite characters from this series. I absolutely love how he wears his heart on his sleeve, and it was such a joy to see him finally embrace his sexuality and then go for what he wanted. I also really liked that we got to c [...]

    22. THE ANDREWS!!!!!!!Seriously after reading Bloom, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book! I loved Max and Finn's book (Book 1 in this series) and I was so looking forward to getting Drew and Andy's story from the beginning, and it did NOT disappoint! I couldn't put this book down! If you haven't started this series, I definitely recommend them all! With each book, this series keeps getting better and better! Can't wait to see who's book is going to be next! I am really looking forward to Ki [...]

    23. This book just about undid me. Talk about a lack of communication. I almost thought about not continuing. The highlight for me was that Milo was in this book again. Even though the guy had his issues, at least he said something. Drew and Andy are so afraid the other person isn't feeling the same way the do everything they can to avoid a relationship. I finished and it was fine but not the best in the series. I actually was kind of hoping there would be a book about Kit. Now there is a person who [...]

    24. 3.5 stars.I am so glad we got to revisit The Andrews from Max and Finn's story. I loved the quirky-cute detail about their names being the same, and the couple's differences compliment each other really well. However, what really dragged it down for me was the miscommunication that happened all the time. I mean, just speak to each other already! Could have solved all your problems in no time.

    25. I really enjoyed this book. It was frustrating as all get out but it was worth it in the end. It's a frustrating romance because the entire issue throughout the entirety of the book is COMMUNICATION. They don't talk either of them and they really should. It would save all the heartache and time wasted. In the end we get out happy ending but at times it was hard to get through just because fuck come on get it together people. TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS.

    26. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.This is the 4th book in The Boys of Bellamy Series, and Drew and Andy’s story.This was a great read as a second chance book. Their relationship failed in college, one was in the closet and the other was straight. With them living a huge different apart are they prepared to make sacrifices for each other to get their HEA?

    27. Nice addition to the series, this runs concurrently with the first book and features Max & Finn but also Rory and Milo from the previous books. I liked this but not quite as much as the previous instalments, the 'failure to communicate' trope was maybe a bit too strong here, the boys really did not talk about stuff at all.

    28. Enjoyable return to the AndrewsI really enjoyed the Andrews' story. I think the pacing could have been bettero much time on the college part, but still rushedd. Not enough time exploring adult feelings in a more nuanced way. Also would have liked more interaction w Max and Finn, rather than just referring to them.

    29. Lovely Story.The "failure to communicate" issue is one that usually irks me but I have to say, it didn't bother me so much here. The entire scenario was well written enough for me to enjoy it without my usual frustration at the characters. And they are great characters, human, flawed but downright lovable.

    30. This is a true friends to lovers story. Best friends, teammates, roommates--Andy and Drew are all three. They are even able to maintain that after they start fooling around in the dark. Drew just keeps having to tell himself not to fall for Andy because Andy is straight. There is a lot of confusion and mix-ups, but the story is amazing. You can truly feel the heartbreak involved.

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