The Dead House The fifth in the acclaimed series featuring crime fiction s most unusual and engaging detective DC Fiona GriffithsWhen the body of a young woman is found in an old dead house the annexe where the dea

  • Title: The Dead House
  • Author: Harry Bingham
  • ISBN: 9781409152750
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The fifth in the acclaimed series featuring crime fiction s most unusual and engaging detective, DC Fiona GriffithsWhen the body of a young woman is found in an old dead house the annexe where the dead were stored before burial in medieval times of a tiny Welsh church, it seems that past and present have come together in a bizarre and horrifying way For DC Fiona GriThe fifth in the acclaimed series featuring crime fiction s most unusual and engaging detective, DC Fiona GriffithsWhen the body of a young woman is found in an old dead house the annexe where the dead were stored before burial in medieval times of a tiny Welsh church, it seems that past and present have come together in a bizarre and horrifying way For DC Fiona Griffiths, the girl a murder victim whose corpse was laid out with obvious tenderness represents an irresistibly intriguing puzzle, given Fiona s unusual empathy with the dead And when her investigations lead her to an obscure and secretive monastery hidden in a remote valley, she finds that the dead girl is far from the only victim of a sinister melding of modern crime and medieval religious practices Only Fiona is capable of putting the mismatched pieces together in this disturbing puzzle, but immersing herself in this dark and obsessive world could threaten her fragile grip on her own sanity.

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    1. Harry Bingham says:

      Harry Bingham is best known for his Fiona Griffiths crime series, which has drawn rave reviews from critics, authors and readers alike.If you ve read and enjoyed one of Harry s books, make diddle darn sure that you ve signed up to the Fiona Griffiths Readers Club, by hopping right over here harrybingham lev in glYou ll get a free, lovely welcome gift and you ll be the very first to know when Fiona Griffiths is back with a further adventure .

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    1. A superb thriller featuring the inimitable DS Fiona Griffiths set in Cardiff and the wilds of Wales. This is the first in the series which I have read and I have to say that I thought it was wonderful. You know how when you first meet a person and you are not sure if you like them? That is how I felt on encountering Fiona, thinking there is something not quite right about her and that I could find this woman irritating plus she has OCD issues. She oversees the dead body she names Carlotta and th [...]

    2. I started reading this series back in 2013, and I still love it. Fiona is quirky and smart. In this book, Fi gets herself assigned to work on a case with DI Alun Burnett. What a great relationship they have. Nothing romantic, but they can communicate with just a look. As usual, Fi is dogged in finding answers. She gets into situations that are truly scary to me, but she is resourceful. I love the setting in Wales and all the places with strange spellings and pronunciations.

    3. 4.5 starsCreepy, suspenseful read featuring one of my favourite fictional women. And yet another review to add to my To-Do listgh.

    4. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Harry Bingham has done it again. Or perhaps I should give Fiona Griffiths the honour?

    5. These books only get better. There is Fiona, a unique and very different police sergeant who continues to follow her own path growing her own weed and rarely reporting what she is working on while putting herself at great risk, buckets of physical action coupled with methodical yet obsessive thinking, and the working of cold crimes dumped on her that again become central to uncovering continued kidnapping crimes involving many surprising perpetrators - capping it off with the identification of o [...]

    6. I haven't read the previous books in this series and I think you really need to read them in order so that you get to know the main character - DS Fiona Griffiths. The book is narrated by her and I found it hard to like her as a character though she was growing on me by the end of the book. She is very much a maverick who only sticks to the rules when it suits her and who has at times a tenuous grip on her own sanity and a rather peculiar affinity with dead bodies.The book is well plotted and I [...]

    7. Fiona’s stubborn refusal to let sleeping corpses lie, and her affinity with the dead, begins to shine a light on the matter of a beautiful corpse tenderly laid out among candles. A quiet beginning gains momentum to screw-turning tension, as DI Burnett gets to trust and respect the weird, edgy, newly promoted detective sergeant, Fiona Griffiths. There is another ongoing mystery woven into the series – how and why, as a baby, did she wind up on the seat of the car owned by the man who adopted [...]

    8. Review is also on The Coffee & Kindle Book Review Blog The Dead House by Harry Bingham Kindle EditionCost: NetgalleryRelease date: 28/07/16 uk link:Here Link: HereThe Blurb When the body of a young woman is found in an old 'dead house' - the annexe where the dead were stored before burial in medieval times - of a tiny Welsh church, it seems that past and present have come together in a bizarre and horrifying way. For DC Fiona Griffiths, the girl - a murder victim whose corpse was laid out wi [...]

    9. The Dead House is the fifth instalment of the Fiona Griffiths series and in all honesty this can be read as a standalone. For those who have not read the previous four novels and wish to do so, the back catalogue provides great background to this character as well as showcases the skills of Harry Bingham.The story begins with the discovery of a body, but strangely this body has been laid out peacefully and there is no obvious apparent crime. The even more intriguing idea is that the body was lai [...]

    10. Much as I love the way this author writes, much as I love Welsh detective Fiona Griffiths and her decent but bizarre personality, I would recommend any of the earlier books in the series before recommending this one. That is, unless you enjoy a completely implausible, off-the-wall plot like those of contemporary Scandinavian mystery writers. The ending was fascinating, I admit, but thoroughly nutty.We start off with Fiona being called to check out the body of a young woman in a part of Wales tha [...]

    11. Well, this took a long time to get into. I love Fiona: her quirkiness, her "no excuses for who I am"-ness, her pure crazy and utterly logical self. That's why I kept going. Around page 50, this book found its groove, and I couldn't put it down. I found it satisfying and love that, at the end, it ties into the larger mystery that has been building throughout the books.What I wished for: more time with her family. I particularly miss the conversations between her and Ant, and her and her parents. [...]

    12. Another amazing outing with Fiona. Spoiler alert: if you have claustophobia, you may struggle with this book. Despite shortness of breath, I enjoyed this book immensely and am looking forward to seeing what Fiona gets into--and out of--next.

    13. Thoroughly enjoyable, especially since my recent holiday in Wales in the same area where the action takes place. Can't wait for number 6 in the series.

    14. There were parts that I loved and parts I found a bit tedious but overall a good crime thriller. Thank you for the ARC.

    15. This book was a fantastic read. It got better and better until at the end I just couldn't put it down.Fiona Griffiths doesn't half get herself into situations that look like she'll never escape from, but she does.I am not claustrophobic but when she went caving and particularly when there was a baddie after her, I found myself petrified. As she squeezed through tunnels where her nose was on the ceiling my mouth was so dry and my heart was pumping. I don't think I could ever do that.One more in t [...]

    16. I am aware as I review that I am gorging on Fiona Griffiths, reading each book consecutively, and inevitably comparing.It has to be said that this is a great thriller but felt rather more Dan Brown than detective fiction. Fiona Griffiths is certainly a great character and I love how the unsolved cases in her previous investigations build as the series progresses and yet I couldn't quite "believe" in this one. Very page turning but I felt uncomfortable in how much belief I had to suspend.That sai [...]

    17. Fiona Griffiths may be the most interesting character in current police mysteries. This tale, the fifth in the series, is the finest yet. There are scenes in a cave that, if you are claustrophobic, will trigger a full-on panic attack and that, if you are not, will turn you into a claustrophobe.

    18. 4.5 of 5 starslynns-books/2016/08/18/thThe Dead House is a step away from my normal fantasy reading and takes me into the world of crime where DC Fiona Griffiths has a puzzling case before her. A body laid out peacefully in a dead house. And yet, no crime appears to have been committed.I really enjoyed this book, much more than I expected to and that’s predominantly down to the main character DC Griffiths. I haven’t read the previous books in the series and so didn’t know whether I would s [...]

    19. The Dead House is the fifth book in Harry Bingham's Fiona Griffiths series. You don't need to have read the earlier books but I'd recommend starting at the beginning for two reasons - one, you'll be missing a treat if you don't meet Fiona when she's still not sure if she can survive on Planet Normal; and two, so much of what comes after is enhanced by knowing a bit of background.You don't need to know that this whacky Welsh detective spent some time in her teens thinking she was dead. You don't [...]

    20. This is indeed the 5th book in the DCI Fiona Griffiths book series. While you can read any book, in any order you may choose, I would suggest beginning this series with book 1 so that you get to know he characters and can watch them grow. Author Harry Bingham takes us on a twisty, hold on to our seats, suspenseful ride with interwoven, multi-layered mysteries. FABULOUS for mystery lovers who do not mind dark stories that are not easily solved.We learn something about a part of the UK (Wales most [...]

    21. I'm lucky to be on a roll of excellent, top quality books lately and The Dead House just extended my streak! This is my first Harry Bingham novel so I haven't had the distinction of meeting DS Fiona Griffiths before. She's certainly not a girl you would soon forget. She's got a mind of her own, plays by rules only she knows and has a serious penchant for a bit of weed. For a young Welsh Detective Sargent, that's a bold move. Ah, did I mention she's a bit mental and hard to warm to initially? It [...]

    22. It didn't take me 14 days to finish this. I started reading it on July 31 and would have continued, but I had a few library books that I had to finish before they were due back, so I put this on hold. So, having cleared that up, on to my review.Fifth in the Fiona Griffiths mystery/thriller series, this is one of the best if not the best. I won't say too much about the plot for fear of giving away spoilers, but suffice it to say that Fiona continues to be brilliant in her uniquely obstreperous wa [...]

    23. Better than everFiona Griffiths is Harry Bingham's totally creative and complex detective sergeant protagonist, and if you haven't yet had the distinct pleasure of making her ( somewhat wacky and strange) acquaintance, then run, don't loll around, and do it now. This is book 5 in the series, and THE DEAD HOUSE lives up to Mr. Bingham's past four, bringing readers a complex plot, realistic characters, a whopper of a story, and the kind of complete and satisfying reading experience that makes you [...]

    24. Another great read! Fiona Griffiths is one of my favorite characters, I'm fascinated by her mental workings, her dogged pursuit of justice for the dead and the uncanny ability she has of getting out of sticky situations. No. 5 in the series sees Fiona spending the night with a beautiful dead girl, visiting a monastery, spelunking, pursuing a kidnapping ring, all while barely sleeping. This is a highly unusual, one-of-a-kind series that just gets better and better. Beautifully written, full of in [...]

    25. What a book The Dead House is. From the first page I felt completely and utterly dragged into this book.I haven't read any of the author's previous books and although you don't really need to, I feel that it would give a better insight into DS Fiona Griffiths character. The book is told from Fiona's point of view and from the becoming you get the sense that she is a bit of a hot head who doesn't always play by the rules. Sometimes I almost felt uncomfortable with her as a character but it all ad [...]

    26. This the fourth book of the marvellous Mr B's I've read, and once again he's failed - to disappoint that is. Reading a Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller is surely a lesson on how to write? It's sharp fresh and snappy and I love his style of writing. Never use half a dozen words when one will do appears to be his mantra and it works a dream! Talking of lessons, - did you know that the term for using that annoying thing of a voice rising up towards the end, is known as 'A High Rising Terminal'? Me ne [...]

    27. This is an amazing book. I loved the creepiness, the mind of Fiona, the stories behind the non murders. I'm already waiting for the next book. I tried to read slowly and make it last, but I just couldn;tThe Dead House, itself, is a medieval place to store bodies before being buried. In this book in a small town in Wales, a body is found of a young woman in a former dead house Fiona is "taken" with the corpse of the young girl and she is soon involved in another wild adventure.I simply can;t say [...]

    28. the dead house is the 5th in this superb series about the fascinating policewoman fiona griffiths. fiona suffers from a rare disease (which i wont describe, as you'll learn more as you read the series) that makes the stubborn and brave young woman both a perfect candidate for the homicide section of her welsh town, and a very difficult individual to get along with. a strong female lead is always a pleasure, and bingham's original plots and compelling writing make this book a joy. i look forward [...]

    29. At one point, I wasn't sure about this one. Fiona seemed a bit more like a caricature, and was name-dropping people from previous books. (I didn't know I had to reread to read this one! Maybe some day, but it seems too soon.) Anyway, aside from that, Fiona is awesome, resourceful, and I love her thought processes--and her relationships with the people who stick by her. I want us to go to Wales, and hang out with Harry Bingham. I'm sure he and his family would think that's a great idea.

    30. Good Christ Almighty!!!!WooHoo!!! Awesome book . Boo I wish I hadn't read it so that I could have the pleasure of reading it for the first time again. Fiona is such an intriguing creature. Fascinating really. Great plot interesting twists. Ahhh, can't wait for the next one. Hurry please Mr Bingham

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