Popcorn A well loved classic generation to generation Join Sam at his costume party but don t forget to bring the popcorn Today s parents and grandparents gravitate toward this book a well loved favorite w

  • Title: Popcorn
  • Author: Frank Asch
  • ISBN: 9781563832796
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • A well loved classic, generation to generation Join Sam at his costume party, but don t forget to bring the popcorn Today s parents and grandparents gravitate toward this book, a well loved favorite written and illustrated by Frank Asch This amusing children s book classic is sure to put a smile on everyone s face

    • Popcorn by Frank Asch
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    1. Frank Asch says:

      Frank Asch is an American children s writer, best known for his Moonbear picture books.Asch published his first picture book, George s Store, in 1968 The following year he graduated from Cooper Union with a BFA Since then he has taught at a public school in India, as well as at a Montessori school in the United States, conducted numerous creative workshops for children He has written over 60 books, including Turtle Tale, Mooncake, I Can Blink and Happy Birthday Moon In 1989 he wrote Here Comes the Cat in collaboration with Vladimir Vagin The book was awarded the Russian National Book Award and was considered the first Russian American collaboration on a children s book.Asch lived in Somerville, New Jersey where he and his wife home schooled their son Devin.He currently lives in Vermont with his wife, Jan.

    2 thoughts on “Popcorn

    1. This was one of my favorites growing up! Reading it now, years and years later, I found myself seeking out the same things that I loved when I was a kid. The popcorn spilling from the chimney, the characters faces upon eating so much popcorn, and the moment when the parents reveal their surprise for Sam. Still wonderful all these years later!

    2. The storyline is cute and funny, but I just can't get past that Sam's Halloween costume is the most simplistic caricature of a Native American's "traditional outfit" - tribal headband with feather and a loincloth. The book was published in 1979, so I get why, but I can't in good conscience recommend it for sharing with your kids in 2016.

    3. Great story behind why I adore this book. So the doctors office I went to as a child had this book in the waiting room and EVERY time I went to the doctor's office, I HAD to read this. I even read it as I got too old to read these sorts of books. Then one visit, it was gone! And I was devastated! Years went by and one day my mom found it at a garage sale and bought it for me. SO EXCITED! Great story!

    4. This is one of three books that I identify very strongly with doctor's waiting rooms. I swear every doctor I saw before the age of six had this, The Snow Lion, and the book about the ant in the duck's kitchen, the name of which I can't remember at the moment, although I think it's by Robert Quackenbush.

    5. This is one of those books that I loved as a child and searched and searched for as an adult. I finally found my copy at a local used bookstore and I was thrilled. Yes, it was as good as I remembered! Loved the illustrations and all of the different costumes the bears wear to the party.

    6. this was one of my favorite books as a child. i have such fond memories of reading this with my mother and brother. it is also probably to blame for my current obsession with popcorn.

    7. We read this over and over again when we were kids. I love the charming illustrations, and the story was the height of humor to 3-6 year olds.

    8. This old "classic" story is slated to be reissued as a board book by Simon & Schuster on July 25th, 2017. I can't say I'm surprised they'd do something so monumentally stupid, especially after the whole awful Yiannopoulos debacle.The book, as you can see by the cover, depicts a bear dressing up in a costume which is actually just a stereotyped representation of Native Americans. I thought everyone knew this by now, but I guess S&S needs to hear it again: Native Americans are NOT COSTUMES [...]

    9. Kids will like what happens when mom and dad go out and the kids have a party. Everyone brings popcorn to it. Parents will know what happens but the kids will delight in it. I have a craving for popcorn!

    10. It cracks me up how many users cite their childhood doctor's waiting rooms as the place where they always read this book. That's exactly where I read it! :D

    11. Little bear's parents attend a Halloween party and leave little bear alone. He then decides to have a party of his own and pops way more popcorn then he ever intended. Storytime 01/25/18

    12. The cute, colorful pictures add to this wonderful story that warns about too much of a good thing. It also is funny picturing how the events take place and how the bears fix the problem. This is a wonderfully cute, short book sure to please the young and young at heart!

    13. This book is about young Sam defying his parents and having to pay the price. As his parents leave for the night, Sam throws a Halloween party and invites all of his friends over. Each friend brings popcorn, so they get the bright idea to pop all of it, at once, using mama bears big kettle. Because of all of the popcorn, it starts to overflow into the kitchen, then the living room, and then filling the entire house. Sam, nervous, tells all his friends to start eating in order to get rid of the p [...]

    14. Popcorn features Frank Asch's famous bear character in a Halloween adventure. When his parents go to a party, Baby Bear decides to have some friends over himself. But too much of a good thing turns out to be WAAY too much! This picture book is great for preschoolers and early elementary students, although adults may want to discuss the importance of having adults' permission (and adults present) when having friends over. Making popcorn-- either in the microwave or on a stovetop, as they do in th [...]

    15. This book is one of my favorite books to share with a group. I can't believe it hasn't been part of my list yet!While it is getting a bit dated, relating to popping popcorn on the stove-I remember doing that but I guarantee most people can't relate to cooking popcorn that way. Also I do have an issue with the parents leaving Bear alone while they go out!! Where is the babysitter?However the story is just plain fun and any group I share this with totally enjoys this story. It has a slight theme [...]

    16. Synopsis: "Sam Bear invites his friends to an impromptu Halloween party and asks them to bring a treat."My Review: Talk about teaching kids to break the rules early! Sam throws a party in the house while his parents are gone! Besides that little point, this seems like a good level 3 or 4 book, verging on chapter book reading level. The sentences are still fairly easy with easy words but there are larger blocks of text and a more intensive storyline. It is a fun book and does have a lesson about [...]

    17. One of my childhood favorites, it's a pretty simple story-and a clear warning about throwing parties when Mom and Dad are out of the house. That said, as a kid I just loved the costumes (I loved dressing up for Halloween) and the popcorn (I loved popcorn, and was entranced by the idea of it filling the whole house). My son also loves it, and we've been reading it constantly this month. It's hardly one of the all time great children's books, but we love it.

    18. Frank Asch wrote many of my childhood favorite books, but this one takes the number one spot. I love everything about this book: the different character's costumes, the illustrations of the popcorn filling the house, the way Sam and his friends solve the problem and the surprise Sam's parents bring him. Perfection! It was certainly written in a different time as made apparent when Bear's parents leave him alone for the night to go to Halloween party. A great book from a simpler time.

    19. My mom recently cleaned out the house and found a bunch of books from when we were little. Of course she gave them all to me. They certainly bring back memories of reading them over and over and over again. 30 years later and I still remember these stories. The books themselves may be a little worse for wear but the stories are still wonderful. This book got read so many times that I still have it memorized! One of my favorites.

    20. This was my FAVORITE book as a kid. I've loved popcorn for as long as I can remember. My grandma taught me how to cook it in a pot with oil and kernels at a young age. This book reminds me of those times. The illustrations are lovely and the idea of an entire room filled with popcorn still tugs at my heart and imagination strings. One day when and if I have a little one of my own, this book will be in heavy rotation for bedtime storytime!

    21. This was one of my favorite books growing up, and I have the same copy to share with my kids and they love it! It is an out-of-the-ordinary story your could share around Halloween since the story takes place at a costume party. I love it and have always wondered how much popcorn it would take to fill a house!

    22. This book is about a little bear that has a costume party and everyone brings popcorn to the party. When they pop all of the popcorn, it goes everywhere and they have to eat their way out. I would use this book around Halloween time and even have popcorn for the kids to eat for a snack after reading the book or even during.

    23. i used to love the frank asch bear stories but somehow i'd never seen this one growing up. but it was one of neal's childhood favorites, so i brought a copy home from the library to share. we read it together today to get in the halloween spirit and it was kind of the best thing ever. i only wish the halloween parties i go to now would live up to it. gotta get us our own copy of this one!

    24. My doctor's office had this book. I probably won't have remembered it, but another teacher showed me a copy of it a few weeks ago and I totally had a strong flashback (I wish it had a picture of the cover). I used to read this book every week as I waited for my allergy shots.

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