Angels Did you know that angels of all kinds are everywhere Some are big some are tiny They re all so bright and very shiny This lyrical breezy and nondenominational picture book introduces children and a

  • Title: Angels
  • Author: Alexis York Lumbard
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  • Page: 172
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  • Did you know that angels of all kinds are everywhere Some are big, some are tiny They re all so bright and very shiny This lyrical, breezy, and nondenominational picture book introduces children and adults to a magical place which radiates warmth, love, and caring throughout its colorful and delicate pages With its rich paintings, readers are transported through manyDid you know that angels of all kinds are everywhere Some are big, some are tiny They re all so bright and very shiny This lyrical, breezy, and nondenominational picture book introduces children and adults to a magical place which radiates warmth, love, and caring throughout its colorful and delicate pages With its rich paintings, readers are transported through many colorful scenes, places and seasons to see how angels work behind the scenes, weaving their graces

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    1. Alexis York Lumbard says:

      Alexis York Lumbard is an American Muslim children s book writer whose debut picture book, The Conference of the Birds with illustrations by renowned artist Demi Wisdom Tales Press, Sept 2012 , is a contemporary retelling of the classic Islamic work by the 13th century poet Farid ad Din Attar A metaphor for our journey to Allah, the book follows a flock of birds as they venture to meet a long distant and much awaited King Alexis is also the author of The Story of Muhammad A Ballad for the Young, the first interactive children s book app about the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Alexis is a contributing editor to London Link Magazine and has several upcoming titles including Angels, Everyone Prays Celebrating Faith Around the World and Pine Sparrow A Cherokee Legend She lives in Natick, Massachusetts with her husband and three daughters An active member of The Society of Children s Book Writers Illustrators SCBWI , Alexis regularly visits schools, mosques and libraries, sharing her love of books with the youngest of readers.

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    1. A children's book is as much by the illustrator as it is by the author, especially for a book intended for children aged 2 and up, such as Angels. So much of the tale is conveyed to the child by the illustrations, and illustrator Flavia Weedn's illustrations for Angels are truly heavenly, a perfect fit for this sweet, lovely book.I think the nicest part of Angels, that I viewed as a review-copy, is the Gift Label just inside the front cover that reads: To my favorite angel _______ With love from [...]

    2. I am not an overly religious person; however, I do believe there are angels among us. I feel some watch over us and keep an eye out as we move through our lives while others walk the Earth with us. For this reason, I was thrilled when our family was chosen to receive Angels for review. When it arrived, I was absolutely stunned by the beautiful book before us. Wisdom Tales provides a high quality book that is hardcover, tightly bound, filled with lush, glossy paper, and beautifully illustrated. I [...]

    3. For a very young child, the short and sweet tale of “special guardians” watching over them makes for a wonderful bedtime or anytime story with its calming and lyrical quality. Beautiful illustrations will fuel a young child’s imagination, especially if the child is allowed to express their thoughts regarding one that may catch their eye.Angels by Alexis York Lumbard does a wonderful job of keeping the story simple, lyrical and magical. The illustrations compliment her words with soft and s [...]

    4. Ever wonder if you have a guardian angel watching over you? Ever hear stories of angels being involved in people's lives and helping them in many different situations? Are angels real? Do they even exist? Can you actually see them and talk to them? Ohhhh, so many questions and now a book to highlight the supernatural appearance and activities of angels being sighted and carrying out their duties among us.Angels are everywhere, "Some are big, and some are tiny. They're all so bright and very shin [...]

    5. This delightful hardcover children's picture book is the perfect gift for your little angel. Make sure your fill in the special dedication page at the front: "To my favorite angel With love from ""Angels" contains beautiful full-page illustrations by Flavia Weedn that are delicate and old-fashioned. With its simple yet elegant rhyming captions, your child is sure to start "reading" this book on their own after having it read to them a few times.This book shares the reassuring message that angel [...]

    6. This is a nice story. Not too complex and just the right length to read to very small children. Not sure I agree with the theology, but the pictures are nice and the theme is sweet. I think it would give a young child a sense of awe thinking about the story. Anyway, the illustrations are nice, too, and they have different kinds of angels, not all blondes like you see in some books. I liked that best about the story. Diversity in the angelic realm.

    7. Most wonderful book for pre school and grades 1-2.Beautifully illustrated by Flavia Weedn. Simplewording and rhyming sentences that childrenwill be able to read this book for themselves.Small children will like the idea of these angels of all colors and shapes watching and looking out forthem and their loved ones. Book is the right lengthto keep a child's interest.

    8. A beautiful, exquisitely drawn little book. Perfect for reading with little children as there are quite short sentences in order to keep the child's attention very easily.

    9. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here.I rated this one warty.This is a children's book, mostly art with a line of poetry here and there, for children's sleepy-time (not bedtime! heaven forbid! Children will sleep when and where they want - just be sure to have this or something like [...]

    10. Angelsby Alexis York Lumbard (Author) , Flavia Weedn (Illustrator)This book was received free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewCute book. Pretty pictures. Good message, but would have liked more of a religious message. (Hopefully “way up there” is alluding to heaven.) The book actually sent me on a search through the Bible on what it says about angels. And that is a lot! I saw that angels are referenced 273 times. And in tons of songs (like this one here.) Probably better inspi [...]

    11. Angels, angels, always near"Angels" is a beautiful book made for the young "angels" in our lives, whether that is children, grandchildren, nieces, nephewsWisdom Tales does a quality job with their books. Nicely, tightly bound with thick luxuriant paper, they just are begging to be picked up and read. Another plus is that the front picture is on the dust cover of the book AND on the book itself - a plus in children's books where the dust covers often get taken off the book because young hands hav [...]

    12. AngelsAlexis York LumbardI love angels and this adorable little rhyming book about angels everywhere is a true gem. It's so much fun! The sweet, musical verse by Alexis York Lumbard with beautiful, imaginative illustrations by world-renowned Flavia Weedn is simply a joy. The angels are in fun, non-traditional colors - such as one with blue wings. Children will love this as a cuddly bedtime book. "Children at heart" needing some encouragement will also appreciate this gift book as a gentle remind [...]

    13. Angels is a great bedtime story. The pictures of angels are so beautiful. I love that in the beginning of the book you can put who the book is for and from who so it would make a great gift. It says "To my favorite angel" and "With love from" where you fill out the names and that makes it a special gift to your favorite angel of course. I love reading this book to all three of my children. I would give this book at least 10 stars out of 5. I don't know if that makes much sense but that's how muc [...]

    14. "Angels" is a lovely little book filled with such bright illustrations and simple words that youngsters are sure to make this one of their favorite books. The hardback cover, that is quite eye catching along with a nice dedication page makes this a quality book and the easy to read rhyming words will have preschoolers reading along in no time at all. This is sure to be a welcome gift for that special youngster and will certainly become a keepsake book that will be passed down from one generation [...]

    15. This book was very basic. The book spoke of angels and how their different roles. There were no more than 7 words per page, so there wasn't any connection to the book. Usually, the graphics would help a story along, but the painted graphics are better suited for a paperback, than for an electronic device. The pictures didn't pull off the desired effect. My 8 year old son didn't enjoy the story. He said that it was too short and the pictures didn't captivate him. Definitely not for the older chil [...]

    16. There is a personalisation page with a space to write a dedication "To my favorite angel" and "With love from". Bright drawn art. Why are there no photographs? Each page has a short phrase. Figures with small wings, most dressed in white. Nearly all depictions of angels depict them as feminine, one androgynous. One for lone mothers. I read a review copy from the publisher.

    17. my thoughts - This is a cute little book about Angels and how they are always around, big or small to protect everyone. The illustrations are wonderful. The story is written out nice and easy to understand for small children.reason for reading - This book was a free download through netgalley.

    18. Beautifully illustrated and lovely to both read and look at. I recommend this to all parents to read to their children.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author and/or publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR,Part 255

    19. A beautiful and simple book for the very young, it seemed perfect to be read aloud at bedtime. It has a nice rhyming scheme and presents simple explanations of the traits of angels with beautiful accompanying illustrations.

    20. The message about angels will help kids feel watched over.The art, however, left something to be desired.You'd have to be pretty obsessed with angels to buy this book.Thanks, NetGalley for the copy.

    21. I really liked this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is about the different types of angels and how they watch over children. I'd have loved this book when I was a little girl, I'm sure all children would love it at feel more safe after reading it. Perfect bed time story!

    22. What a sweet little poem. Beautiful pictures and nice little rhymes that the kids remember easily and read along with me.A perfect bedtime story to read to your little ones.5 ANGELIC STARSARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.

    23. "Angels" by Alexis York Lumbard is a colorful, imaginative little book that I will share with my granddaughter. What a beautiful way to help a child envision the protective spirits floating above. Excellent artistry!

    24. Angels is a beautifully illustrated children's book that everyone will love. My children loved the rhythm and images while I was reading it to them. The book is a short and sweet book to show children how wonderfull angels are to our lives.

    25. AngelsLumbard, Alexis Yorkbeautiful hand drawn water color pictures, with poetic lines that sound like a nursery rhyme good to share with your children as a bed time story.

    26. Angels watching over us is the theme of this little gift book. Beautiful. And comforting.

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