War of the Werelords In this thrilling conclusion to the Wereworld saga secrets are finally revealed truths come to light and alliances are tested While the war between the Catlords and the Wolf embroils the Seven Real

  • Title: War of the Werelords
  • Author: Curtis Jobling
  • ISBN: 9780670785599
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this thrilling conclusion to the Wereworld saga, secrets are finally revealed, truths come to light, and alliances are tested While the war between the Catlords and the Wolf embroils the Seven Realms in chaos, Drew must take his final stand against the man who has become Lyssia s deadliest villain his own best friend, the Boarlord Hector, whose powers of dark magick aIn this thrilling conclusion to the Wereworld saga, secrets are finally revealed, truths come to light, and alliances are tested While the war between the Catlords and the Wolf embroils the Seven Realms in chaos, Drew must take his final stand against the man who has become Lyssia s deadliest villain his own best friend, the Boarlord Hector, whose powers of dark magick are raging out of control.

    • War of the Werelords - Curtis Jobling
      236 Curtis Jobling
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    1. Curtis Jobling says:

      Curtis Jobling is an author and illustrator based in the UK Working in publishing and animation he is possibly most in famously known as the designer of the BAFTA winning Bob The Builder , as well as creator of CBeebies Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and CBBC s Frankenstein s Cat Early work in animation included model and puppet painting on Wallace Gromit s A Close Shave and Tim Burton s Mars Attacks He s also the creator director producer of Nickelodeon s Curious Cow interstitials, a series of animated shorts featuring the varied and hilarious deaths of a bewildered bovine As a published author and illustrator of children s books, Curtis s works include Dinosaurs After Dark with Jonathan Emmett , Skeleton in the Closet with Alice Schertle , My Daddy, Cheeky Monkey and perhaps his most notorious character Frankenstein s Cat, now an animated series in its own right commissioned by the BBC and sold to broadcasters worldwide.The Wereworld series of novels were first published by Penguin in the UK in January 2011, with Rise of the Wolf , the first in the fantasy horror, shortlisted for the Waterstone s Book Prize Penguin Viking first published the debut novel in September 2011.

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    1. Oh dear God. Curtis Jobling just Mass Effect 3'd my ass.Having reached the sixth and final book, I can confidently say that Wereworld is a series of 5.5 good books.Let's get the good stuff out of the way, and there is a lot of good here, because I have a major bone to pick about the ending.First off, Hector's story comes to a close here, and it is absolutely wonderful. I don't want to give anything away, but it was an immensely heart warming end, and I just loved it. Best part of this book.Seein [...]

    2. I think that Curtis had better come back to this world, He spent so much time shaping it for the series to end like this

    3. This series was absolutely amazing. The characters were so interesting and diverse, the plot intricate and exciting and the conclusion of every book just made you want to read on to the next so badly. I LOVED Whitley, Drew, Trent, Gretchen and mostly Vega. Devastated by the ending is an understatement. I had to put the book down a few times because I really wanted a different outcome. My favourite parts of this book in particular were when the 3 Werelord champions battle on Black Rock and in the [...]

    4. this was a great book. At moments it was good but it just made me sad at the end. It also has an infuriating cliffhanger.

    5. I thought this was a good ending to a great series of books. This is definitely not what I expected, or would really expect from any book, in terms of an ending. I have to admire that Jobling didn't make the end roses and rainbows, because some good people die, and some bad people live. However, did all of the characters that died have to die?I also do hope that Jobling continues this series, because there are so many possibilities in the world he has created. I liked this book, but it's not my [...]

    6. Overall the series is good. This book in particular is incredibly depressing. I cried through nearly all of it and have no desire to read them again.

    7. WELL WELL WELL this review is so difficult to write because there is so much to say. The series is so good there are no words in the dictionary to describe how I feel. I'll just have to do my best.I was never really interested in Werewolves, they seemed pretty dull and unoriginal but these book with their fantastic character and world building creates a new twist on werewolves that is exciting and interesting from beyond down to the core. Not to mention the introduction of other WereSpecies like [...]

    8. An amazingly touching and entertaining finish to the series. It broke my heart, put it back together, then broke it again. War of the Werelords taught me so many life lessons, and it is one of my absolute favorite books. Curtis Jobling is a true hero in the world of books! Embrace your inner beast fellow werelords you'll need it to survive this book.

    9. Wereworld war of the werelords is a 5 star book,which is great for people aged 10 to 15 and in my opinion it is possibly the best book of the six book series. The author has touched upon everything you could need within this fantasy genre of book, with plenty of magic, mystery and huge amount of action. This novel, which is the final book of the series, is when the author allows for everything to unravel and concludes some of the unanswered questions from the first five books in the series. This [...]

    10. As always Curtis Jobling delivered. The battle scenes were awesome and the story telling was great as always. I have to say that compared to the previous books this was a little bit of a let down. The panther's and lions betraying the agreement was by the book. The panther lord Obo's death was tragically beautiful. Milo's death was awful. Whitley's death could have been avoided. Vega's death was pointless and the fact that Drew spared Hector was unforgivable. I understand that Drew was tired of [...]

    11. SPOILERSWhilst this was enjoyable to read, there were still a few let-downs. It did feel rushed in places, the battles could have been longer and the build-up to Icegarden better. I would have liked some more Hector/Blackhand chapters! In terms of Drew's decision to abdicate it was annoying but ultimately it did make sense - book 1 saw his natural reluctance to accept and whilst in the following books he did accept himself as king, it was constantly stated he was still reluctant. I did not expec [...]

    12. This book was top notch! The battles were amzingly detailed, there were lots of plot twists, horribly cruel jokes, and oh so much bloodshed. Wereworld came to a full circle with those few minor details that are meant to make you wonder. The one thing that I didn't like was what happened with Drew and Whitney. It was awful! I'm sorry, I just really have to rant. You shouldn't keep reading if you haven't read this yet. Why would Curtis Jobling let Whitney die! You don't kill the main character's w [...]

    13. Eh, finally finished this series. Characters who mostly felt constructed, not real. Motivations that felt dodgy and unbelievable. Loads of bluster leading to nothing. In this sixth book, well-known characters die like flies, but all I felt was relief that we're getting close to the end. Six books was definitely two or three too many.And in what should have been the climactic scene, there's suddenly an eclipse. (That's not a spoiler, it was as clear as day that it was gonna happen.) But it's the [...]

    14. Curtis Jobling has made one of my favorite series and it's shame it has to come to an end. However the series leaves on a very high note and it satisfies on every level. The conclusion to the book might be the most emotional I've ever read and keeps you thing long after the pages stop. In turn the dark themes of the previous iterations is still here in great abundance however it's a lot more light hearted and touching than it's older brothers. Morality is always a difficult decision for the main [...]

    15. Ended fantastically with the end of Lucas's creations and the friends finally coming together*spoiler*can't believe whitley's gone as drew and her deserved to be happy and poor Bergan losing them both. Really wish she had been saved so that's my biggest regret with this bookWhat happened with drew and being king was expected and is really good for Lyssia as a kingdom. Don't think it's the end of the Series completely as there were still too many questions unanswered with Hector, The Wylde Wolves [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book. It was full of action and adventure. It was very suspenseful and was very hard to put down. The book is told in different perspectives so you could see the different way the characters interpreted what was happening. The book had a very surprising but exciting ending. Many of the conflicts were involved. A bad thing about this book is that a lot of important characters don't make it to the end. I also disliked how the characters didn't really grow throough out the boo [...]

    17. This was a great series! I had a hard time deciding if I liked the ending or not. It definitely leaves you hanging, and yet there is not, nor will there ever be, a next book. The book was interesting and frustrating at the same time. The one thing that I loved about this series is the unpredictability. I love reading a book that surprises me, and this series was one surprise after another. Characters changed allegiances throughout the series. Good characters became bad and bad became good. I lov [...]

    18. A very bittersweet ending to the series. I'm happy Trent was saved, as was Hector but I wish Whitley had lived as well. I feel so heartbroken for Drew to have lost her when he already lost so much! I have a feeling that Vega has tricked the world again and is maybe not quite as dead as everyone believes, or at least that's what I took out of what Bergan said at the end! I just wish they'd managed to save Whitley as well as I loved her and Drew together.

    19. brilliant series overall I thought that the last book didn't do the series justice though, to me it seemed rushed alot of things happening for such a short book. I was kinda looking forward to an epic battle between blackhand and drew, alot of biuld up for it to end so quickly the world and the characters were realistic, actually felt pretty emotional for drew and whitleys endingl in all a good series really hope Curtis comes back to the wereworld.

    20. Curtis Jobling should definitely come back to wereworld because what happened to Opal and the rat and what about dojongo and the wyld wolves? who is the the king of Westland if Drews not going to take the thrown? I think there should at least be a 7th book or maybe even a movie about the first two books combined into a two or three hour movie.

    21. This book was very cool with a lot of battles and fights. There was also a lot of themes of betrayal throughout the entire book with characters backstabbing each other through out. The final battle was good but felt rushed. The book immediately shifts toward another battle after recently finishing yet another battle. Towards the end there were just a lot of battles back to back.

    22. I love this series, and I was so sad that this was the last book. It was pretty interesting, but I found the ending wasn't exactly satisfying It kind of left me with more questions than answers. But all in all, a good ending to an amazing series (:

    23. It felt as if this book was extremely rushed compared to the rest of the series and that's the only bone i have to pick with it. The plot alone was enough for two amazing books and the rush caused new characters to fade due to the little time the books spent in developing them. 4.5

    24. Wereworld (War of the Werelords)Book 6 by Curtis Jobling / Rated by Vinnie V. @.Rating : ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Age : 11+Genre : fantasyCURTIS JOBLING, the designer of the television show, Bob the Builder. Also the author and the illustrator of many children's books, such as Wereworld.Drew must be the the savor of Lyssia ‘’Drew soon learns that he is the last of the werewolves. Forced to flee the family he loves, Drew seeks refuge in the most godforsaken parts of Lyssia. But when he is rescued by [...]

    25. Pretty good ending even though I am wondering what the point was with the wedding at the end and also it did feel that the ending did drag on for a bit to long. And their did seem to be a lot of pointless twits and turns in some of the later parts as it feels like their are like three different climaxes and they do happen right after each other and each time it feels like this should have been the climatic battle but it just pulls out another reason to go on for another chapter. Also the epilogu [...]

    26. this was a great ending to the series. I would love to learn more about the future of some of the characters like hector. Did he ever truly return or did he suffer non stop because of Victor and the vile. Did drew ever decide what he was going to do after he abdicated the throne.

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