Jardins de Kensington Ao longo de uma longa e delirante noite Peter Hook famoso autor de livros infantis narra a hist ria da sua vida marcada pelos pais um cantor de rock e uma m e aristocrata e hippie e por uma ins li

  • Title: Jardins de Kensington
  • Author: Rodrigo Fresán
  • ISBN: 9789896230814
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ao longo de uma longa e delirante noite, Peter Hook, famoso autor de livros infantis, narra a hist ria da sua vida, marcada pelos pais um cantor de rock e uma m e aristocrata e hippie e por uma ins lita inf ncia passada na psicad lica Londres dos anos 60, entre personagens como Bob Dylan, John Lennon e Kubrick Uma Londres de sonho que cedo se transforma num pesadelo,Ao longo de uma longa e delirante noite, Peter Hook, famoso autor de livros infantis, narra a hist ria da sua vida, marcada pelos pais um cantor de rock e uma m e aristocrata e hippie e por uma ins lita inf ncia passada na psicad lica Londres dos anos 60, entre personagens como Bob Dylan, John Lennon e Kubrick Uma Londres de sonho que cedo se transforma num pesadelo, com a morte prematura do seu irm o mais novo e dos pais A partir desse momento, Hook refugia se no mundo m gico de Peter Pan e desenvolve uma obsess o pelo seu criador, o escritor J M Barrie, confundindo a sua pr pria biografia com a deste, numa narrativa de sonho, literatura, rock, e pelo meio o personagem Peter Pan, de quem Hook diz conhecer a verdadeira hist ria.

    • Jardins de Kensington : Rodrigo Fresán
      355 Rodrigo Fresán
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    1. Rodrigo Fresán says:

      Rodrigo Fres n naci en Buenos Aires en 1963 y vive en Barcelona desde 1999 Es autor de los libros Historia argentina, Vidas de santos, Trabajos manuales, Esperanto, La velocidad de las cosas, Mantra, Jardines de Kensington, El fondo del cielo y La parte inventada.

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    1. Remember the magic of Peter Pan? Not the bullshit Disney version, rather one written by J.M. Barrie, or, as in my case, the Mary Martin black-and-white version we saw as kids (no need for the knowing looks, one to another, enabling the intuitive questions of gender confusion—I’m all over that already). Among the many things I never knew about Barrie and his novel and play, was the extent to which much of it arose from early childhood trauma and an almost bizarre childhood. {{{{{{read this bo [...]

    2. A thought provoking exploration of the search for a lost childhood and/or desire to never grow up and all the creepy implications and upshots of this, coupled with a simultaneous portrayal of why such urges are so seductive through this novel's intoxicating portrayal of childhood magic and lived fairy tales. The structure itself is convoluted and stimulating, with hosts of parallels delineated between the lives of the narrator Peter Hook (the name a nested parallel), who is a contemporary childr [...]

    3. Últimamente venía con ganas de viajar, y arrancar un libro de Fresán con ganas de viajar es lo mejor (y también lo peor, como una de esas contradicciones que tanto abundan en sus historias) que se puede hacer. Porque Kensington Gardens te transporta a Londres, a la furiosa y arrasadora década de los '60, a los Swinging Sixties y Los Beatles sonando a todo volumen desde la historia psicotrópica de un suicida, y creo que es la mejor forma de transportar: sin descripciones engorrosas, poesía [...]

    4. with both distinctive voice and style, it is no wonder he was close friends with the late, and very talented, roberto bolaño. this book's imagery is fantastic, and unfurls richly the enigmatic world of j.m barrie and his beloved peter pan.

    5. Libro a libro Fresán va adquiriendo cierto peso en lo que respecta a mis respetos literarios. No nos engañemos. Sé que no se trata de mucho. Pero al menos me sirve para abrir esta pequeña crítica.Jardines de Kensisgton juega a ser una biografía sin serla, aunque siendo razonables durante parte de la obra no es otra cosa. Como no podía ser de otro modo, la biografía (libre, pero ahí) profundiza en la vida y obra (qué bien traído) de J. M. Barrie, autor prolífico, pero conocido sobre t [...]

    6. Few novels manage such effortless surreality. Part biography of JM Barrie, part bad acid trip 60s reverie, Fresan somehow takes familiar tropes - Peter Pan & the underlying creepiness of children's stories, the dark side of psychedelia - and invests them with fresh intensity. Kensington Gardens is a breezy read but it leaves a haunting impression.

    7. This was a really odd book - it interested me, but also bored me, I enjoyed it but I also didn't like it. Perhaps I liked both elements - the novel and the biography - but wasn't keen on the idea of meshing the two together.

    8. Un libro triste y extraño, que parece demandar entrega y lo compensa con enciclopédica voracidad, con inmensa sensibilidad. Un libro algo inferior a Mantra, pero menudo libro.

    9. Fresan se supera. Una mezcla de Borges y de Kurt Vonnegut para rendir culto al swingin London de los 60's, J.M. Barrie y su PeterPan.

    10. Creo que estuve más leyéndolo, es un libro bastante largo. Y aunque hay partes que hubiera podado, todo en general es genial. la vida de barrie, la historia, real y ficticia y la forma de escribir de Rodrigo es muy buena

    11. “El pasado es un juguete peligroso”.Me hizo virtualmente vivir en Londres en el siglos XIX y XX, revivir mi infancia y revivir la literatura “infantil” mas no infantil. Uno de los pocos libros que están en mi lista para releer.

    12. Le narrateur est un auteur de romans jeunesse à succès, fils d'un couple de rockeurs des années 60 un peu fous, et fasciné par Peter Pan et son auteur, J. M. Barrie. Il raconte à la fois ses livres, son enfance à l'époque des Swinging Sixties et la vie hors du commun de James Matthew Barrie, dans un récit foisonnant et complexe.Voilà un livre bien étrange, que je suis contente d'avoir été "forcée" de lire par un défi lecture, sans quoi je ne suis pas sûre que j'aurais tenu le coup [...]

    13. In trying to match my literary pursuits with my real life travels, I picked up this book set in the London of the early 1900's, 1960's, and "now" (whenever now happens to be). Plenty of weirdness happens between the pages, part of which may be caused by the fact that this is a book written by an Argentinian about England in Spanish, then translated into English. (Translation sidenote: who knew that "Where's Waldo" is known as "Wallie's World" in other countries? Why???) I was fascinated by the n [...]

    14. I picked this up in a bookstore in Argentina in desperation for something to read when my vacation turned into a library vacation instead of a travel vacation. It's a big book, not typically anything I'd pick up, but like I said, I was desperate. And actually, I kind of loved it. It's sort of about Peter Pan, and sort of about J.M. Barrie, and sort of about a fictional character who identifies strongly with both of them. It's long and crazy and makes no sense half the time, but somehow the story [...]

    15. This is the first of Argentinean-born Fresán’s ten books to be translated into English. Peter Hook, author of the successful Jim Yang series, narrates his tale to the abducted, bound and gagged young boy actor chosen to play Jim Yang in the first movie. The story flows from the present, to events in Peter Pan author J.M Barrie’s life, to Peter’s early life with his famous rock musician parents during the swingin'-London sixties era.

    16. A kidnapping/murder/suicide note/confession/biography of J.M Barrie/fictional autobiography. Confused? Me, too. Appalled? Me, too. I couldn't put the book down, not because I liked it but because much like watching an accident or a cheesy horror movie I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from what I knew was going to happen.

    17. It's too bad, for those of use who don't read Spanish, that more of Fresan's books aren't in English translation. He writes beautifully. Kensington Gardens is a gorgeous weaving together of tales that create a narrative about lost childhoods, phantom parents, tragic adulthood and the way in which adults imagine children to be. Very smart, very imaginative.

    18. To be honest I've read everything till the the end just because I started, but I didn't enjoy the book that much. There's lot of details that turns the book into a very confusing story. A book that could be ok turned out to be quite boring and too heavy to read

    19. A bizarre tale taking place over just one night, Peter Hook is a successful children's author who weaves his own horrific life in with J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, and a dark tale fraught with drugs, suicide, lust and dueling identities emerges.

    20. Amazing book, reminds me some of the works from Breat Easton Ellis, some Pynchon and others, but keeping his unique voice without copying othersI read it in spanish and in english, I recomend it in both languages.

    21. Casi sin palabras. Una obra maestra. No le sobra una palabra, Fresán portentoso demostrando una pasión por la literatura única. Peter Pan y Barrie y Fresán y uno mismo en cada vuelta de página. Magnífico.

    22. This book was way too trippy for me. I couldn't follow it and I had to keep rereading previous chapters. Meh. Didn't like it at all.

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