Before It Stains Falling in love is easy Staying in love is work Stephanie Austin has it all a loving wife of years a handsome teenage son a comfortable home in the suburbs professional success and a bright fut

  • Title: Before It Stains
  • Author: R.E. Bradshaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Falling in love is easy Staying in love is work.Stephanie Austin has it all a loving wife of 17 years, a handsome teenage son, a comfortable home in the suburbs, professional success, and a bright future At forty, Stephanie s life is all she d ever dreamed of, but like the old blues song says, What a difference a day makes Betrayal by the woman she loves, thought sheFalling in love is easy Staying in love is work.Stephanie Austin has it all a loving wife of 17 years, a handsome teenage son, a comfortable home in the suburbs, professional success, and a bright future At forty, Stephanie s life is all she d ever dreamed of, but like the old blues song says, What a difference a day makes Betrayal by the woman she loves, thought she knew, and always trusted, cuts deep Forgiveness is a simple word, but is it possible This is a story about love and family, with all the joys and pains of a lifetime commitment When Stephanie s perfect world starts spiraling out of control, the fate of her family rests in her hands With the help of her mother, friends, an old flame, and a healthy dose of humor, Stephanie must decide if she can put aside the hurt and figure out how to clean up the mess, before it stains their lives forever.

    • Before It Stains BY R.E. Bradshaw
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    1. R.E. Bradshaw says:

      How did a girl from the Outer Banks of North Carolina end up writing contemporary women s fiction in Oklahoma Well, there has to be a woman involved Bradshaw began her writing career in 2010, after leaving Theatre and teaching Since then, her novels ranging from the popular romance, Waking Up Gray, to the Lambda Literary Award Finalists, thriller Rainey Nights and mystery Molly House on Fire, have remained among s bestsellers in lesbian fiction All of Bradshaw s books, thus far, are set in her beloved home state of North Carolina She was transplanted from the coast to the Heartland by the love of her life, an Oklahoma girl, with whom she celebrate twenty five years in June 2013 They have a son, Jon, and share their home with two dogs and two cats.

    2 thoughts on “Before It Stains

    1. **! hmmmm let me start by saying that i had to go back and reread this book for a 3rd time and have come away feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of both storyline and writing. There was so much potential edited out that i think the author could have done better with but did not do any good storytelling so that readers could get some kind of attachment to the characters or no good dialogue to speak of that focus on what this book was really base on. Both leads were fighting about something and [...]

    2. At the end of all these romance novels I've been reading is the happily ever after and that's the whole point of reading them. Stephanie and Mo are 17 years into their happily ever after when Steph discovers she's been betrayed. Probably one of the biggest fears in a relationship is the fear of being cheated on, up there with death and being caught cheating. I wouldn't have thought this was a particularly good story line for the romance genre but Bradshaw has managed to make it work.Told mostly [...]

    3. All books by R. E. Bradshaw that I've read so far are great. The characters are well developed, the plot always have a good pace, the dialogue is quite believable, etc. Before It Stains isn't an exception.The infidelity issue was treated seriously, but without transforming the read into something too heavy or too dark. Of course it was very painful sometimes, but the main characters were two grown up woman whom actually acted like grown ups by simply taking their time to deal with the problem, r [...]

    4. When it comes to infidelity I always thought it's a black and white issue: you can maybe (maybe!) forgive, but you can never, never forget. It's grounds for the end of a relationship, no matter how many years and how much love has been invested.But R.E. Bradshaw's _Before It Stains_ is so well-written and so compelling (with fully fleshed out characters you grow to care for) that Stephanie and Mo's story made me wonder if it might be possible to sew it all back together once the seams rip apart. [...]

    5. I don't need to say more than that this book is amazing. The characters, the plot, the emotions, the ending everything is just perfect. Ms. Bradshaw is a very talented writer and I'm very fond of her books.

    6. It takes two to make, or break a relationshipA moment of weakness threatens to destroy their family. Can they survive the infidelity or is their relationship irrevocably damaged ? Through Steph’s point of view we feel her pain, her doubt and experience the support she receives from her friends.I loved the emotional roller coaster, Randy’s one liners, the good advice from Steph’s mum and put downs from Molly.I recommend this book with a big box of tissues and bottle of your favourite wine.

    7. First I have to say, R. E. Bradshaw has so many awesome books which I love, this was not one of them. I didn't like Stephanie (she was a hysterical unforgiving brat that wanted to who is run by vengeance and her own little vendetta instead of talking it out or at least listen to what Mo has to say), Mo was mostly MIA . Too much artificial drama for my taste. What did I like? Molly Kincaid, you go girl ;)

    8. Majorly intense book. Loved it. I will definitely re-read this one. Makes you take stock in your relationship and what you think is important. Makes you feel things you have never felt before. Wow. Another superb book.

    9. Great Well what a story. A lesson for all of us who are lucky enough to find that elusive one. It was a different approach usually in this kind of the fiction there is the stereotype reaction a bit like the u shall joke that says we :) ave to move fast or we loose. This story took its time letting us get to know both sides it was a bumpy ride for everyone it was great taking sides them having to think again. The other characters were a great background it was great to meet Molly again love when [...]

    10. Before It Stains R. E. BradshawStephanie has it all, great relationship, successful company, wonderful home and a son to be proud of. So when the first inklings of betrayal appear she is completely blindsided and incredulous. But when proof is put in front of her all hell breaks loose, chairs through windows, blood on the walls and her life in tatters.An emotional journey. In a small mom and pop community where everyone watches every move and gossip rules the airwaves, can Stephanie find the str [...]

    11. Wow! am I behind! I finished this book and Sweet Carolina Girls a few days ago and am onto my next books. So sorry to not review this sooner. More sorry to me than you. Because NOW I have to think back to this book and my experiences with it. I blame: Christmas, Snow, sewing projects, crocheting projects, etc etc.Luckily this book had some memorable moments for me. I can remember ordering it so long ago (a year?) because I have read other books by 'Decky' (R.E. Bradshaw, author). They were myste [...]

    12. This book was a winner for me - couldn't put it down. As others have said it was great to read about a couple in a long term relationship rather than the constant thrill of the chase of romance novels. It's such a realistic storyline. The reactions seem authentic and all the characters plausible (even though there are a few stereotypical characters on the fringes). I really admired the process the main character Stephanie goes through - all the emotions, all the reactions and questions. It is eq [...]

    13. Great story!This is one of the best lesbian novels, I have read. It's about a real relationship & the extent of love & commitment. Thanks, R.E. for this!

    14. Great to see a lesbian romance with a fully formed family, kid, house in the suburbs, the whole thing. Easier to relate to than the more glam lives portrayed in many novels. Compelling characters, fast-paced storyline. An enjoyable read.

    15. Really good read. Bradshaw did an exceptional job using words to convey the pain one feels when someone betrays you. Broken hearts do heal.

    16. Ok I don't even know were to start with this book. By the time I was finished even I was inlove with Mo. Excellent book!

    17. Here, Bradshaw substitutes angst for serial killers. Before it Stains is still a solid read, but her Bell & Molly books do it better.

    18. It was wonderful to read a story about a mature couple with a son. I like that the couple has to deal with issues and the issues were dealt with.

    19. There is an authenticity of how relationships work in Bradshaw's writing. I appreciate that immensely.

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