Hello Moto There is witchcraft in science and a science to witchcraft Both will conspire against you eventually

  • Title: Hello, Moto
  • Author: Nnedi Okorafor
  • ISBN: 9781466803039
  • Page: 418
  • Format: ebook
  • There is witchcraft in science and a science to witchcraft Both will conspire against you eventually.

    • Hello, Moto : Nnedi Okorafor
      418 Nnedi Okorafor
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    About “Nnedi Okorafor

    1. Nnedi Okorafor says:

      Nnedi Okorafor is a Nigerian American author of African based science fiction, fantasy and magical realism for both children and adults and a professor at the University at Buffalo, New York Her works include Who Fears Death, the Binti novella trilogy, the Book of Phoenix, the Akata books and Lagoon She is the winner of Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards and her debut novel Zahrah the Windseeker won the prestigious Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature She lives with her daughter Anyaugo and family in Illinois Learn about Nnedi at Nnedi.

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    1. I don't understand the ending. Maybe someone could explain to me, in spoiler tag if necessary.I give two star now for great beginning, good middle part, AND fun innovative link into audioHello, Moto ringtone when the cellphones were ringing in the story. (view spoiler)[ I don't understand the last chapter. Rain refused Philo's demand to wear the wig. But then when the action kick-in, Rain wore the wig then threw it again.Especially I am curious why Rain wore the wig again. What did I miss?> ( [...]

    2. My name is Rain and if I didn’t get this right, the corruption already rife in this country would be nothing compared to what was to come. And it would all be my faultview to comead it for yourself here:tor/2011/11/02/hello-m

    3. Evil wigs! What a great idea, paired with commentary on hair, respect for others and responsibility for one's actions.

    4. 3.5 starsThis is a tale you will only hear once. Then it will be gone in a flash of green light. Maybe all will be well after that. Maybe the story has a happy ending. Maybe there is nothing but darkness when the story ends.We were three women. Three friends. We had goals, hopes and dreams. We had careers. Two of us had boyfriends. We owned houses. We all had love. Then I made these… wigs. I gave them to my two friends. The three of us put them on. The wigs were supposed to make things better. [...]

    5. Through an alchemical combination of magic and technology, a young woman has created wigs which allow their wearers to have terrible power over others. She intended only good for the world, but after unwisely sharing her invention with her friends (or as it turns out, frenemies), she sees the pettiness, greed, and evil that lurked within their hearts, and which has been released by ultimate power. Can she stop them before it's too late?

    6. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* says:

      3.5 StarsMy name is Rain and if I didn’t get this right, the corruption already rife in this country would be nothing compared to what was to come. And it would all be my fault.Hello, Moto is a short story about three best friends, each in possession of a magical wig…. And we all know:Possibly too late, Rain (the wigs' creator) discovers that the wigs are changing the wearers; from givers to takers, gifting them with powers that no person should possess. This short flits between all three fr [...]

    7. Awesomeness if I must say so myselfd I do. This story is yet another of my insane mash-ups. It is Nollywood (if you don't know what that is, Google it), science fiction, and witchcraft all in one. And it's free on Tor starting Nov. 2, 2011.

    8. Beauty, a powerful form, along with technology, corrupts three women, one unwilling and two open for the cause. Their power reigns in wigs, placing them in vampiric ecstasy until story's end.While I enjoyed the tale. It felt a bit unfinished, leaving readers on a cliffhanger.3/5

    9. conto vigoroso em que três mulheres são protagonistas numa trama de FC/fantasia com toques de horror. num cenário urbano africano, totalmente fora dos clichês, as protagonistas são pessoas complexas. aqui não há espaço para bem versus mal, nem para sentimentos meia-boca. acompanhamos o drama de mulheres revoltadas. mas não quer dizer que estejam sempre certas. o único defeito do conto é ser muito curto, a falta de desenvolvimento.

    10. What I like about short stories is that there isn't room to establish the setting and the characters in detail, so the reader is deposited in media res, with an immediately strong sense of who the characters are and the world that they live in. This is a story, though, that I'd happily read as a novel. Despite its length, it manages to convey insights about power, privilege and corruption, in a Nigeria where the lines between technology, magic and culture are blurred.

    11. Technology and magic merge into one very interesting short story. It left me with more questions than answers and it's a massive cliffhanger ending, but I feel like that's a good thing. You definitely need to use your own imagination when you're reading this.

    12. Read as a part of Some of the Best from Tor: 2011 EditionThis has just become one of my favourite short stories ever.

    13. This short story left me confused, perplexed, and slightly bored (which actually is a feat in itself). The story is basically a twist on the Haunted Mask, just that this time it is a wig that gives its wearer superpowers and possesses them. The story is full of confusions:- How does a technology which gives its wearer glamour, the ability to shoot lasers from her eyes, and to mind-read the location of other persons (among else), work?- Why isn't Rain affected by the wig in the same manner as Phi [...]

    14. This is a very mature piece of short fiction. I say this because it is short and some people might think it is a children's book because the author writes some books for younger readers, but it isn't a kids book. It was okay. Not amazing, but not awful either. I didn't really feel connected to this story, which is an important thing I look for in short fiction since it is one of the only things you have. World building is hard to do, plot is limited, etc. You can find it online at Tor: here

    15. ADOREI como o "Hello, Moto" foi usado na história. É um contexto bem mágico e inesperado - o que é, na verdade, esperado de um livro da Nnedi Okorafor. Muito curto - queria que fosse mais longo, claro -, mas é um conceito muito interessante. Dedos cruzados pra que a autora decida re-visitar isso no futuro.

    16. Crazy concept.It will definitely make me semi look twice at the woman that I see with wigs and how the people around them treat them. Wigs and technology, a crazy combination.

    17. InterestingOkorafor's writing style is sparse and tight, and works really well in a short story. I enjoyed the theme but I'm really tired of the first person.

    18. Witchcraft masquerades as science fiction in this disturbingly short urban fantasy tale. The prologue promises a lack of closure and delivers on that promise even though that merely serves to undermine the tale.This is a tale you will only hear once. Then it will be gone in a flash of green light. Maybe all will be well after that. Maybe the story has a happy ending. Maybe there is nothing but darkness when the story ends.The tale also fails to give perspective to the three characters. Nor backs [...]

    19. Three women make computer wigs with magic in an effort to use them to help people. But the wigs have their own ideas.Rain, the wig-maker, tries to put a stop to what she started. The others don’t agree.***Psychic vampires. Tech mixed with ancient magic. Women. Africa. Nigeria, actually.Intriguing.But there’s too much that isn’t explained and I know it’s a short story but still. Why was Rain able to deny the wig? How exactly did they think these would help people? What were these two self [...]

    20. I grabbed everything the FW Public Library had on OverDrive by Okorafor (that I hadn't already read). Didn't realize this was a short story at the time. It's only a few pages long and really not worth searching out unless you are a completest. Nnedi Okorafor is currently one of my favorite writers and I enjoyed even this little tidbit. If you stumble across it, take the seven minutes to read it. I am mesmerized by Okorafor's magical combination of science fiction and African mythologies, here an [...]

    21. Interesting short story. It is original to be sure(!), but stops just as it's picking up and you're getting to grips with what's going on. Would have been nice if it were expanded. It is available for free via Tor.I waver between 2 and 3 stars so let's call this a 2.5 stars? I think it would have got a higher start rating from me if it were longer because I did like it but

    22. I enjoy short stories because they set my imagination reeling and I like trying to figure things out, especially with Science Fiction.Although "Hello, Moto" is a good and solid piece of science fiction and everything I like about short stories, I did not enjoy the cliffhanger ending. It lacks a proper ending and it leaves you with nothing.

    23. Fascinating idea But I wish there was so much more! This felt like a prologue, the start to a fascinating story - I want to know more about Rain, about what the other two were like before they turned evil, about what she made the wigs for and how they slowly got corrupted. This is like a trailer. I want the book.

    24. Such a bright and promising story! I bought this ebook because I loved Akata Witch. However I felt the story was cut short rather prematurely. I'd have liked a meatier story and an ending that doesn't come so early.

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