Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget Men and women ARE different and this book from the founder of gender medicine uncovers the neuroscientific reasons behind age old disputes between men and women while providing a groundbreaking auth

  • Title: Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget
  • Author: Marianne J. Legato Laura Tucker
  • ISBN: 9781579548971
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Men and women ARE different and this book from the founder of gender medicine uncovers the neuroscientific reasons behind age old disputes between men and women, while providing a groundbreaking, authoritative, and reader friendly guide to resolving these differencesWhy won t he ask for directions Why does she always want to talk about the relationship Why can t heMen and women ARE different and this book from the founder of gender medicine uncovers the neuroscientific reasons behind age old disputes between men and women, while providing a groundbreaking, authoritative, and reader friendly guide to resolving these differencesWhy won t he ask for directions Why does she always want to talk about the relationship Why can t he see that something is bothering her But perhaps the biggest questions Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget resolves are Why is it so hard for men and women to understand each other and what can we do about it According to Dr Marianne Legato, an internationally recognized expert in gender specific medicine, male and female brains are chemically and structurally different And scientists are now finding out how these differences cause us to approach problems and experience the world in such dissimilar ways.So how do we bridge this physiological gap Dr Legato provides strategies and tips for learning to think like the other sex in order to get past our differences and offers smart advice for dealing with issues wherever they arise This trailblazing book will enable readers to understand each other in both personal and professional relationships like never before.

    • Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget >> Marianne J. Legato Laura Tucker
      277 Marianne J. Legato Laura Tucker
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    1. Marianne J. Legato Laura Tucker says:

      Marianne J Legato, MD, FACP, is an academic physician, author, and lecturer, specialised in gender specific medicine.

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    1. من الأخير العنوان لا يعكس ما في الكتاب إطلاقاً وهذه السلبية الاولى الصفحات الآولى تبدو مملة جداً حتى نهاية الفصل الأول . تبدأ الاثارة والاكشن بعد الفصل الاول ؛) الكتاب ممتاز من حيث التحليل العلمي باعتبار إن الكاتبة طبيبة وهذا أجمل ما فيه الكتاب . جيد جداً بطرح المعلومات التي [...]

    2. *A matter of chemistry*Based on the title alone, it's no surprise that this book is targeted towards a female audience. Specifically, it is written for those women who need more satisfying explanations as to why men just don't seem to get it. (OK, perhaps that's all of us?) It turns out that many of the eternal and universal differences between the genders can be partially explained by differences in brain chemistry. For example, while estrogen magnifies oxytocin (aka, "the cuddle hormone"), tes [...]

    3. We don't need to be a doctor to know that the men and the women are different. Marianne J Legato, explains very well, certain situation and why we have different reaction, and comportment.Also she communicates in plain English, the medical vocabulary.This book pushed me to read more about the subject in order to enlarge my knowledge about human being.

    4. From the title I thought it was going to be a fairly sexist book, but it was actually quite interesting! Basically was about the differences in how men's and women's brains work, and how different things like cortisol affect us differently because of sex-based hormones. Kind of slow in places, but overall, an interesting read.

    5. كتاب جيد جدا ترجمته رائعة " من جرير" ,, يتحدث عن الفوارق بين الجنسين وطريقة الاختلاف بالآراء والأساليب والحلولعرض الكثير من الإختلافات في طرق افراز الهرمونات وتأثيرها على ردود أفعالنا وشخصياتنا كما تطرق لاختلاف تركيب المخ لكلا الجنسين وذكر كثيراً ان أغلب أسباب اختلافاتنا لي [...]

    6. I found it - a warm wellcoming book, giving an advice for the understanding of the opposing realities of females and males. All the concepts of both sexes are covered. In addition to that, supporting examples are given. As a result, every single person could definitely grasp the whole idea of his own sex as well as of the opposite. I really liked some theoretical examples including the comparisons with the behaviour of animals. Sometimes, it is worth the efforts you give when searching for a boo [...]

    7. I learned from this book here are some points I found fascinating:- estrogen play a big role in recall in stress events it elevates cortisol and that can create extremely vivid images of the stressful event, it also raises levels of dopamine in the brain so more neurons and communication between neurons is facilitated thus language is processed better- progesterone stops cortisol from turning off- language is processed on both sides of the brains for w- prefrontal cortex is bigger for w- oxytoci [...]

    8. ¡Que gran pregunta! La diferencia entre hombres y mujeres es a causa de nuestras hormonas. Mmmm ahora entiendo porque actúo triste de repente, o porque me embarga un estado de euforia en todo mi ser, y que hormonas son las culpables de mi estrés. O porque ellos solo pueden hacer una cosa a la vez y nosotros varias cosas, lo cual no es muy beneficioso Este libro es gracioso, expone muchos ejemplos, comprensibles sobre el lenguaje técnico que a veces usa la autora, pero explica tan bien los t [...]

    9. Interesting in places, but not something I wanted to read all the way through. Once I'd read the basic premise and introduction about the research that the book is based on, I found that was enough. The main idea of the book (title) was interesting - specifically the chapter on how male and female brains deal with listening in physiologically different ways, which explains a lot!! Also, that most medical research has been carried out on males was something that hadn't occurred to me before and i [...]

    10. From the very start, conception, men and women develop differently. Our brains differ in size, chemistry and style of processing stimuli and information. The insights included here give a look at how and why we react and respond differently and how we may understand or even work with it so that we can better understand the opposite sex. This book is important in the down to earth description of brain and body chemistry which so few of us know anything about but could use daily to improve our lea [...]

    11. If you ever wondered why your boyfriend/husband or even your male boss just doesn't seem to care about some things that are very important to you, or why he reacts differently in specific situations, this author gives you all the reasons why (maybe too much information on the physiological reasons for me). I think a lot of women know that men and women are different emotionally, but this book (which is not a quick read but can certainly be read in a "pick and choose" manner) provides lots of exa [...]

    12. Legato explores new science suggesting that the brains of men and women are different due in large part tot he hormones that sex us from the time we are in the womb. These and other chemical and developmental factors can go a long way to helping us understand the "strange" behaviors of the opposite sex. Written in a very accessible and entertaining manner using examples and stories from her practice.

    13. Borrowed from public library. Interesting, well-written, informative. Annoying repeated references to "evolutionary perspective" meaning we are evolving into something, and blatant exclusion of God the Creator-Sustainer in all of this.Mostly impressed by the explanation of differences in the was we are created and much more tolerance for the opposite sex. He truly can't help it! and we love you anyhow.

    14. I found myself intrigued from the very beginning, when Legato relates an example that sounded eerily similar to something that would happen in my own house between my husband and myself. From the beginning, I was nodding along and chuckling to myself as I learned the reasons behind why my husband behaves as he does, and NOT just because he's ignoring me. Fascinating read for anyone of either gender who wonders why their significant other behaves as they do.

    15. There are better books about the differences between men and woman but this book led to a good book club discussion so was worth the read. Definately written from a medical perspective by a female Dr. who has not read up a lot on all the other literature out there on relationships. But still interesting.

    16. Good content. The author repeated herself quite a bit and failed to give the reader any credit that they/I would remember what she had already stated (that's a personal pet peeve so it might not bother others.) The "male" and "female" characteristics were a tad over-generalized.

    17. Got its Arabic version on sale so no high expectation :)The book confirmed some well known theories like PMS and Post Partum Depression and explained it psychologically and physically. However, it is one of the books that you only read once

    18. Useful explanation of the causes of conflict in relationships. Keep in mind that sex differences are just decent-sized correlations so sometimes brain/personality elements might be reversed in heterosexual relationships and differences might show up in homosexual relationships.

    19. Mirip2 Male Brain, sekilas, karena banyak bicara tentang otak manusia laki-laki dan perempuan. Belum kelar bacanya jadi belum dapat kesan secara keseluruhan.

    20. بداية الكتاب ٣ شباتر رائعة والباقي كان ما يهم المتزوجين بالاخصية اكثر واخر فصل لم اعره اهتمام نظرا لانه يتكلم عن كبار السن المتزوجين

    21. جاري إعادة القراءة:قرأته منذ زمن، أذكر أنني وجدته مقنعاً بشكل علمي ويمس الواقع بشكل أفضل من كتاب : الرجال من المريخ والنساء من الزهرة.

    22. So far I'm liking this book - it's a very scientific approach to arguments and what causes them in a relationship. Maybe I can get Chris to read it!

    23. اكتشفت الفوارق بين عقل الرجل والمرأة في هذا الكتاب المفيد

    24. Interesting insight into why men and women view the world differently from a medical doctor's perspective. There are some parts that I didn't care to read but still interesting all in all.

    25. Still deciding She has male/femals fighting down to a science. I am a nerd and I read anything about what is currently troubling me.

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